Forget Cookie Dough – Latest Fundraiser is to Rent-A-Pooch


Would you spend a couple bucks to hang out with this pooch?

A Child Of The 80’s

Growing up, I would don my jacket and tissues and head out after dinner to knock on every door in my neighborhood asking strangers to buy stuff from me, all in the name of fundraising for my school, my Girl Scout troop, or my cheerleading team. I was gone for hours, and I’m pretty certain my parents weren’t lurking in the bushes making sure I wasn’t snatched up by a passing car or invited into a home for cookies. I am happy to report, I did this throughout all my years of schooling without a single incidence of kidnapping or chocolate chip overdose.

Knock, knock. It's time to buy crap.Times have changed. First of all, if a child comes to my door asking me to purchase something to fund his school, his Mom is typically standing 3 steps behind him, at most. Second, I now receive fundraising requests via email and Facebook, which I kinda prefer over face-to-face contact. I can ignore a facebook request. I can’t ignore a sweet face standing at my door.

Children Are The Best Con Artists

Over the years, I have been conned into buying stale popcorn, a teeny tiny bread basket capable of holding one entire slice, Bar Mitzvah wrapping paper (fingers crossed I befriend someone of Jewish faith in the future), penguin playing cards (which were numbered incorrectly, no lie!), buckets of cookie dough globs, and a crockpot cookbook. Oh, and I’ve had all my cars washed by kids that very obviously want nothing to do with a Saturday morning car wash.

Do the administration not realize if they offered useful items for purchase or came up with more creative ways to raise money, they would make a ton more? Maybe they need to sit down with the clever folks at Greenhill Humane Society.

Lightbulb! Brilliant Fundraising Idea

Rent-A-PoochHeld at the University of Oregon, the Greenhill Humane Society came up with a most ingenious idea to raise awareness and funds for their facility and their pups. For $5-$10, you can rent a pooch for up to 30 minutes to keep you company. What a great way to kill time between classes! Dogs are cute, cuddly, energetic, fun, and give you their undivided attention and unconditional love.  I would have much preferred throwing a Frisbee with a pooch before my Poly Sci class at the University of Kentucky over trying unsuccessfully to review chapters or flirt with fraternity boys.

The Rent-A-Pooch event has become a fundraiser that students and community members look forward to each year. It has experienced such positive feedback and reactions that it now takes place twice a year, typically in May and October, and individuals are encouraged to make reservations to spend time with man’s best friend.

The Guilt Got Me Again

I don’t know about you, but I’d happily shell out $10 to spend time with a pooch versus forking over $20 on a minute bag of Cajun peanuts that once received, were neither Cajun nor peanuts, because yes, a sweet neighbor girl knocked on my door and flashed her cute little smile. I certainly did not want to be the one person to keep her from going to her state marching band competition…which is precisely why I bought 3 bags….last week.

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