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Is An Ultrasound The Same As A Sonogram?

When I was pregnant, I was so anxious to see my unborn baby during my ultrasound appointments. After each visit, I excitedly showed the ultrasounds to my Mom, my Dad, my husband’s family, and basically any stranger I came across during my travels to each. On one occasion, while talking with Mom about the pictures, she asked if she could attend my next sonogram. Since she is notorious for being traditional, still referring to any carbonated beverage as a soda, I just thought she was using dated lingo. When I corrected her, she informed me ultrasounds and sonograms “are one in the same.” Can you guess what I did next? That’s right – I Googled it!

From my research, which went further than just Google and actually landed me interviewing a real live ultrasound technician, I learned the following:

• An ultrasound and a sonogram are both elements of ultrasonography, which is the process of producing an image of the inside of the body.
• An ultrasound, by definition, is high frequency sound used to produce an image. That image is known as a sonogram.
• People commonly use the terms interchangeably, although they have different definitions.
• Even medical personnel in the field use both terms conversely.
• Ultrasound technicians are also known as sonographers, and sometimes even referred to as ultrasonographers.

So, there you have it; different words, different definitions, but used to mean the same thing. Turns out, Moms really do know everything!

Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat From Home Anytime You Wish

Fetal Doppler RentalsClinical ultrasonography has been around for years. The ability to listen to your baby’s heartbeat from your own home, however, is just the latest and greatest advancement in radiological technology. No more waiting for those exciting ultrasound appointments to hear your little one growing inside you! Instead, from medical equipment suppliers across the nation, you can rent a fetal doppler for in-home use.

A fetal doppler is a hand-held ultrasound device that uses sound waves to detect and let you listen to your baby’s heartbeat in-utero. Backed by studies conducted at the Mayo Clinic, the use of home fetal dopplers is safe no matter how often you use them.

A fetal doppler rental for at-home use will allow you the opportunity to share the amazement of your growing baby with friends and family, provide you peace of mind, and let you begin bonding with your child before she is even born.

When you wish to rent a fetal doppler, find one through Rent It Today, where we make locating and renting your medical equipment simple!

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