Friend Rental For A Mass Murderer

Anthony Hopkins Playing Hannibal Lector in Silence Of The LambsWould you consider hanging out with a man who has admitted to killing nearly 80 people? What if you got paid to do it?

Admits To Killings

Here’s the deal…Anders Breivik, of Norway, doesn’t deny the killing of 77 people in 2011. He does, however, claim he was just trying to stop immigration, and therefore refuses to accept the label “murderer.” Having been placed in solitary confinement for the better part of 2012, poor little Anders is lonely. Woe is he, having to keep himself occupied.

Anders Breivik

Mass killer, Anders Breivik, presenting a far right salute before trial in Norway.

Felon Friend Rentals

The prison’s answer to this pitiful, lonesome soul is to pay individuals to play games with him. In a sense, they are looking to rent friends for this maniac…I mean, man.

Below are my thoughts about this whole friend rental concept for mass murders, and yes, he IS a murderer. If I could sit down with Mr. Breivik, with very strong individuals and barriers between us, I would say…

• It’s called “solitary” confinement for a reason; because the whole idea is to keep you away from other people. You don’t see a group of people engaged in a friendly game of solitaire, and that’s because the word itself means alone, separated from others, solely, exclusively, without aid or help…need I go on?

• What happened to carrying-out the typical means of expressing an opinion? Did you even consider writing to politicians in your Parliament? Speaking out at a local city council meeting? Voting?

• Oh, and I’m sorry, but that’s what you get for taking other people’s lives. In my opinion, you’ve actually got it pretty good right now, you know, being alive and all.

My Final Thought

The jail may be looking for individuals to pay to spend time with Anders Breivik, but I would refuse any monetary gain for the time I spent having the aforementioned conversation with him. Even if I were living on the street without a breadcrumb to my name, anyone who takes the life of another does not deserve my friendship.

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3 thoughts on “Friend Rental For A Mass Murderer

  • Matthew Stephenson

    NO i would take 20 bucks to go help make a lonely mass murder feel better. Not much surprises me these days with respect to stuff for rent…rent a cellmate for lonely mass murders does.