Luxury Hospital Bed vs. Standard Hospital Bed

Bed Fit For A King

What do you consider luxury in a bed?

I’ve given birth to two children. I’ve had my tonsils and adenoids removed. I’ve even spent time in the hospital for patient monitoring when I had a laundry list of symptoms that turned out to be just a severe case of stress (yeah, right). During each of those instances, I either stayed overnight or spent an extended amount of time lying in a hospital bed. So why is it, this is the first I’m hearing of the commonly online searched phrase “luxury hospital bed?” I can tell you from my personal experience, the beds in which I’ve resided where of no luxury.

So What Is The Difference?

Turns out, there’s a reason luxury hospital beds aren’t commonly discussed amongst patients. A luxury hospital bed does NOT mean it includes warmers, massage, arm rests, and someone to do the dishes, as I had imagined.

Hospital Grade Beds & Accessories Are Available For RentThe biggest difference between a luxury hospital bed and a standard hospital bed can be found in the mattress size. More specifically, beds of luxurious nature typically come with an upgraded 10” of innerspring foam mattress, different from the 7” of innerspring foam you’ll find with a standard. Further, the base in which the upgraded mattress sits is one piece and padded, unlike the unpadded two pieces of a standard.

Another distinction between a standard hospital bed and a luxury hospital bed is the latter comes equipped with an electric motor that allows remote control access to adjust and position the bed. Lastly, the only other difference I can find is the patient size capacity of each model of bed, with luxury accommodating persons up to 600 pounds.

That’s really it. I researched quite a few sites, including manufacturers of hospital beds and medical equipment supply stores, but none even mentioned a hospital bed that comes with warmers – just the aforementioned design differences.

Who Benefits From The Luxury

I can’t vouch for the type of mattress or bedframe I’ve been on during my stays on a hospital bed, but I recall having remote control access to adjust them. With that one little detail, maybe I actually have experienced the so-called luxury hospital bed. But most of the other features are ones that I would not notice during a dwelling, so is it really fair to call it luxury? Luxury to whom, I wonder?

Hospital Bed Rental Through Rent It Today

A Hospital Bed Rental Allows You to Continue Enjoying Life From HomeJust because they are not classified as “luxury,” does not mean a typical hospital bed is guaranteed to be uncomfortable. From medical equipment supply companies across the nation, you can find hospital bed rentals in a variety of formats including semi-electric and full-electric that can be delivered right to your door.

These types of hospital grade beds are ideal for individuals receiving in-home care that are required to stay in bed. The ability to remain in your home environment provides comfort in itself, but most rental hospital beds are also adjustable either manually or electrically, providing physical comfort while thwarting bed sores and muscle cramping.

If you or a loved one need a hospital bed rental, you can find a local provider through Rent It Today. With partners throughout the country, detailed descriptions, images, and the ability to compare hospital beds side-by-side, we make renting your home healthcare medical equipment simple!

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