Ferrari or Lamborghini? A Delightful Exotic Car Dilemma

Ferrari vs Lamborghini Exotic Car Rentals

Ferrari vs Lamborghini An Exotic Car Rental Dilemma

Beatles or Stones? Ferrari or Lambo? Betty or Wilma?

A successful local music promoter I know employs a simple question when he wants to get a bead on someone’s inner workings: “Beatles or Stones?”

I recently investigated the same parameter with my mechanic and he said the question he would pose is: “Ferrari or Lamborghini?”

I myself prefer “Betty or Wilma?” But we digress.

A Delightful Exotic Car Rental Driving Dilemma

Getting back to Ferrari or Lamborghini, let’s take a look at the cases both can make. Each offers unbelievable power from exotic engines housed in sexy contours coupled with the allure of status and prestige one can acquire simply by purchasing either of these titans of the high-end automotive industry.

It could be argued the Ferrari takes a check mark for its storied racing history, which speaks for itself. Ferrari ranks with Mercedes and Renault as a name which is synonymous with Formula One racing.

On the other hand, the Lambo is no slacker when it comes to offering its drivers the experience of trying to tame a raging bull when climbing behind the wheel of a supercar. The brand has not heavily participated in the motorsports arena, as its founder did not consider it a prudent use of company resources. The brand has made brief forays, occasionally producing a car for Gran Turismo and engineering racing  motors for Lotus and Minardi. As a manufacturer, Lamborghini would appear content to position itself as an exotic car for the discerning motorist.

What about the lineage? Ferrari and Lamborghini both inspire respect, so does the subsidiary hold any sway? 90 per cent of Ferrari shares are held by Fiat, meaning the brand retains its Italian lineage, while rubbing shoulders with such noted stalwarts as Maserati and Alfa Romeo. On the other hand, Lamborghini remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Audi, and thus its parent company Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Group includes other luxurious names in the auto industry like Bugatti, Bentley, and Porsche.

Ferrari Exotic Car RentalsExamining the 2012 models, Ferrari offers the F12berlinetta, a 12-cylinder powerhouse that tops out at just over 211 mph. Its sleek aerodynamic silhouette is perched on a frame made of aluminum alloys that trim its weight down to a svelte 3,350 lbs. Contemporary touches include LED lights and a design aimed to conserve fuel with reduced CO2 emissions. This is a classic Ferrari with raw power and speed.

The 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera houses a 10 cylinder power plant with a top speed of 202 mph. Weighing just under 3000 lbs, it is engineered for sensible fuel consumption and equipped with the E-gear transmission. It also features reduced CO2 emissions. This Lambo offers more flashy aesthetics and is a bit more environmentally friendly.

On The Lighter Side

Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Exotic Car Rental ListingsFinally, on the lighter side, let’s look at the mascots of each. The Ferrari is instantly identified by its imposing black stallion rearing up with the wind in its mane, a figure which dates back to the 1920s. It was selected by Enzo Ferrari as a symbol of good luck, agility and grace.

Born under the astrological sign of Taurus, Ferruccio Lamborghini was known for his fascination with Spanish bullfighting. This influenced the branding of his automobile line with a raging bull in the position of a forward charge, and represents power and strength.

In summary, both exotic car companies tend to cater to different tastes. When my ship comes in, I’ll buy one of each. One for Betty, one for Wilma.

Which brings us to our final question…which exotic car rental would you choose?

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