Superior Service & Medical Equipment Rentals in Northern KY

Mobility Equipment Rentals Available from Burlington Pharmacy Health Care

Personal Testament of Satisfaction

Burlington Pharmacy Health CareI am fortunate enough to have personal experience with today’s company spotlight of Burlington Pharmacy Health Care.

When I was in need of medical equipment in NKY a few years ago, I immediately sought the services of Burlington Pharmacy Health Care. I had driven by their site location in Hebron, KY numerous times but never been inside. During my first visit, I was immediately taken aback by their extensive variety of durable home medical equipment available in-store. At the time, I wasn’t even aware they offered medical equipment rentals, as well as a variety of other services.

My initial trip to Burlington Pharmacy Health Care was a successful one. Not only did I find the item I was seeking, but I was assisted by a friendly associate in acquiring the perfect fit for my particular need. I have since been back, and have referred Burlington Pharmacy Health Care countless times. With complete confidence, I can attest to their company mission of providing integrated health care and wellness services for their customers, while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction to improve the quality of life of those they serve.

Mobility Equipment Rentals

Electric WheelchairLimited mobility can be difficult on an individual both physically and emotionally. It doesn’t have to be, though. With the right mobility supports, such as a wheelchair rental or rented electric scooter, you can take part in all the daily activities you might otherwise miss.

If you are in the Greater Cincinnati area, looking for a mobility rental, look no further than Burlington Pharmacy Health Care. They offer both manual and electric wheelchairs for rent, as well as knee walker rentals. If you have an injury or are suffering a temporary condition that effects your ability to get from one place to another, you’d be wise to check out Burlington Pharmacy Health Care so you don’t miss your grandchild’s birthday party, catching up with old friends at your class reunion, or seeing your favorite theatre performance downtown.

Durable Home Medical Equipment For Rent In the Tri-State

Known in the Southeastern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati tri-state area as one of the largest suppliers of home health care, Burlington Pharmacy Health Care will provide you will exceptional customer service and highest quality equipment that will meet your medical needs. From their company website, you will note the comprehensive variety of products, as well as incomparable services offered from this top-notch medical equipment supplier. Even the Better Business Bureau agrees, having awarded them an A+ rating!

When you visit their online rental store on Rent It Today, you will be provided with detailed item descriptions and images of their medical equipment rental inventory, and have the ability to compare products side-by-side. With these features, as well as the option to send a direct contact form to Burlington Pharmacy Health Care with any comments or questions, Rent It Today makes renting your durable home medical equipment simple!

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  • bikram kumar

    My trip to Burlington Pharmacy Medical Care has been a successful one. Not only did I discover the item I was actually seeking, but I was assisted by a friendly associate.