Crutches Be Gone! Hands Free Mobility From A RollerFoot Rental

Woman using RollerFoot to get around the store.A broken ankle can interrupt your ability to complete day-to-day activities. With RollerFoot from Step Dynamics, however, it doesn’t have to!

Have No Fear, Hands Free Mobility Is Here

Foot and ankle injuries can take a great deal of time to heal. During that time, however, life does not stop. The groceries still need to be purchased. The children still need care. Work still needs to be done at your job. Trying to complete any of those activities while on crutches can be difficult and painful, and sometimes even impossible! There is a solution, though. With hands-free mobility support from RollerFoot, you can continue living your life, completing all your daily activities both efficiently and comfortably while you heal.

Is RollerFoot For You?

RollerFoot is the perfect mobility support for anyone dealing with a situation that requires keeping weight off the foot or ankle. For example, if you have a bone spur in your foot, treatment typically comes in the form of removing pressure from the affected area, allowing it to heal. A RollerFoot lets you to do just that – keep weight off of the injured area, with an added bonus of continued use of your hands.

Limited mobility can be mentally draining on an individual. This is precisely why RollerFoot is known to keep spirits high and improve the quality of life during the recovery phase of an injury. Not only will you receive the support you need to get around, but unlike crutches, your hand usage will not be limited.

With RollerFoot, you can still go on that vacation, and sightsee with the family. You don’t have to back out of the basketball league. And you can still participate in your favorite past-times whether that means taking the grandkids to the movies or meeting friends at the bookstore. If you were on crutches, you wouldn’t be able to hold your granddaughter’s hand as you crossed the street or peruse your favorite fiction with the gals. With RollerFoot, however, you can still do both!

Raving About RollerFoot

Patients and professionals alike have outstanding reviews of RollerFoot. Mo’s inspiring story is one of many testaments to how helpful and easy it is to use RollerFoot, and how you can continue living your life during an injury with hands-free mobility.

Mo used RollerFoot on stage in a musical. In this video, Mo has a foot trauma, is non-weight bearing and has a cast on his leg. He is using RollerFoot to be able to perform without crutches, totally hands free! He did great and was the talk of the show. Mo was able to spin forward and backward, dance, even down the ramp and a kickline. It is an awesome device you have created! – Sharon D.

Ready To Roll With a RollerFoot Rental


You can locate your RollerFoot from nationwide provider Step Dynamics by visiting  RollerFoot’s website or subscribing to their company blog.

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