Rent A Kilt For Scottish Highland Games & Festival

Rent It Today sponsors Indy Scottish Highland Games

Rent It Today is a Proud Sponsor of the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games and Festival

Calling all Scots and anyone wishing to experience, celebrate, or learn more about the interesting history behind the Scottish heritage! This weekend is the third annual Scottish Highlands Games and Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. On October 13th, 2012, break out the kilts, and head over to a day full of live music, dancing, games, and so much more.

About the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games

MacTavish (Thompson) Clan Tent Indianapolis Highland GamesFor $15 per adult and $8 per child aged 6+, you can enjoy music from Seven Nations, Hogeye Navvy, Celtic Rain, and The Kells Band. Bring your video camera, as you will also be entertained by the Celtic Motion Irish Dance Ensemble, performing traditional Irish step dancing with a bit of progressive flair. You can also visit Clan tents, where Scottish Clans and societies have information on display about their history. This years Honored Scottish Clan is Clan MacTavish.

And no Scottish festival is complete without the distinct and impressive sounds of an authentic pipe band. You won’t be disappointed when you hear the blows of the Fountain Trust Pipe Band and the Gordon Pipers.

For those looking for a bit of friendly Scottish competition, you can enlist in the caber toss, hammer throw, sheaf toss, or one of many other games and contests taking place throughout the day. Legend says the Mary, Queen of Scots herself will be attending to not only choose a new gaming champion, but also seek out a new husband. You won’t want to miss any of the fun!

Putting It All Together

The family-friendly Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival takes a great deal of planning from the committee, dedication of vendors, and support of sponsors. Just as in years past, the 2102 event was proudly sponsored by, along with other individuals and businesses including MacAllister, Dewar’s, and Sahm’s, to name a few.

Need A Kilt? It’s Not Too Late

Rent a Kilt

If you are not the owner of a Scottish kilt, but wish to dress the part of a Highlander, you are in luck. From vendors around the nation, including the Celtic Corner in Cincinnati, you can rent a kilt. Authentic Scottish kilt rentals are ideal for just such events, and are available solely or in package deals with other attire including flashes and garters. Additional packages include  bowtie, jackets, and vests for more formal Scottish events, weddings, and parties…however its up to you to figure out what to wear underneath your kilt.

Further Information

By visiting the main web site for the Indianapolis Scottish Highlands Games and Festival, you can get more information including a complete list of entertainers, event location, and Clan representation. And don’t forget to pack your camera before heading out the door. As a sponsor of this entertaining event, we would love to see you and your family taking part in the celebration, and even include your photo on our website. Now, as the Scottish say, “Lang May yer lum reek!”  Translated: May you never be without fuel for your fire!

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