Standard C-Arm vs Mini C-Arm


A C-arm is an optimal vascular diagnostic tool.

Comparing Diagnostic Imagining Systems: Fluoroscopes

A standard C-arm is an x-ray image intensifier that uses fluoroscopic dyes to provide real-time detailed viewing of anatomic structures. They are used during both surgical and nonsurgical practices, and are a proven diagnostic and pain management tool for orthopedic, urology, cardiac, and vascular procedures. Similar in design, yet equipped with differing capabilities, the standard C-arm is also available in a miniature version, aptly termed a mini C-arm.

A mini C-arm is also a minimally invasive imaging tool, but is utilized to provide high-resolution viewing of extremity areas including the hand, foot, wrist, knee, and ankle. You may find a mini C-arm in use at a podiatry or other orthopedic setting, a typical doctor’s office, hospital, or other health care facility.

As with all medical equipment, there are advantages of choosing to use a specific device over another similar piece of equipment. In the next section, we will outline some of the differences between a mini C-arm and a standard C-arm.

X-Rays Provided By C-ArmMini C-Arm Pros Over Standard C-Arm

• Smaller size, thus saving space
• Portable
• Ease in maneuverability
• Less cost if purchased
• Accomplished in extremity diagnostics
• Greater accuracy at injection site
• Less functionality options, therefore easier to use
• Decreased radiation exposure to surgeon

Standard C-Arm Pros Over Mini C-Arm

• Greater amount of capabilities, i.e. can be used for spine studies, urology surgical procedures, etc.
• Executes pain management
• Available in a fixed or mobile format
• Lower patient radiation exposure risk

C-Arm Rentals

Mini C-ArmThere are two things that standard and mini C-arms have in common. First, both standard and mini C-arms are reliable and exceptional devices that have revolutionized methods of diagnosis and surgical procedures in the medical field. Neither is a better piece of medical equipment, but instead, each are designed to accommodate specific medical practices. Second, both models of C-arms are available for rent.

Medical facilities invest in a C-arm rental when they are trying out new equipment before making a purchase. Some also enlist in rentals as a way to keep up with the latest equipment by upgrading as newer models become available. Sometimes, medical facilities experience higher than normal volumes of patients, and a C-arm rental would be an ideal solution to keeping up with the influx.

C-arm rentals of all models are available from medical equipment companies across the US from high quality name brand manufacturers including Philips, OEC, and Ziehm. Each model is equipped with product specific characteristics, allowing you options so you can choose the most appropriate equipment for your specific medical facility needs.

When you are ready to locate a company in your area that offers C-arm rentals, visit Rent It Today, where we make locating and renting your medical equipment simple!

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