Get a Leg Up On Healing With a Knee Walker Rental

Rent A Knee Walker and Get Around Without Crutches

Cast Aside Those Crutches!

When New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter broke his ankle during the 2012 American League Championship, it made me think of the time I fractured my ankle playing softball back in 1999.

Back then I had to rely on a pair of crutches to get around while my body healed. Learning to get around on one leg was bad enough, yet the inability to use my arms for anything except holding onto two crutches whenever I had to be mobile was equally challenging.

And the soreness that developed in my underarm area was very uncomfortable. You don’t realize how sensitive that area is until it has to bear your weight for weeks.

Thankfully, in this day and age you have a fantastic new option to stay mobile without crutches and the attendant inconveniences which accompany their use.

That option is a knee walker rental.  A knee walker is a three or four-wheeled mobility aid also known as a knee scooter, knee cruiser, knee caddy, orthopedic scooter, leg scooter, leg walker, and roll about.

By Any Name, They Offer Great Benefits

Seen anyone smiling on crutches?

A knee walker not only offers better mobility, stability and comfort than crutches, it requires less effort and allows the user maintain a more normal lifestyle versus crutches. Small wonder they have become very popular.

Besides freeing up your hands, a knee walker benefits you by utilizing most or all the muscles around your knee, hip, and trunk while using it. Research has shown this results in decreased muscle atrophy, which is the deterioration which can occur when muscles are not used for prolonged periods.

Knee walkers also eliminate the tripping or falling which can happen with crutches. A knee walker also reduces back strain by allowing you to maintain a more natural upright position.

Back when I was on crutches, I had tickets to the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament and had to restrict my viewing to one hole because crutches made travel around the golf course a literal pain. Today, by renting a knee walker in Phoenix from a local company, I could easily zip around the course on the cart path and take in all 18 holes if I desired.

The knee walker represents a marvelous advance in rehabilitation mobility. They can be rented by individuals recovering from an accident or surgery, which is more economical than purchase if you only need one for a short term.

Although my softball playing days are now over, anytime I see someone on crutches I love sharing the benefits of renting a knee walker with them.

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