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Camera Rentals

Camera equipment rentals help produce a professional shot.

There are just as many reasons to rent camera equipment as there are types of cameras for rent. Camera equipment rentals come in the form of video, cinema, still, accessories, and more!

Video and Cinema Camera Rentals

Cinema Camera Equipment RentalsIn this day and age of social media, it seems as though everyone can find a use for a video camera or camcorder rental. Video camera rentals are ideal for situations including audition videos for a reality talent show, producing a high-definition documentary for a school project, or trying your hand at a hobby that you’re considering taking more seriously.

Renting a video camera is also a great option if you plan on vacationing to an exotic island or anywhere else in the world! You don’t want to miss an opportunity to capture that adventurous excursion or vacation tour you’re going on, and there’s no better way to do that than with a state-of-the-art video camera. The latest models of video cameras available can come with features including flash memory recording, touch panel LCD display screen, auto focus, snapshot photography ability, histogram display, easy web sharing, variable frame rates, zoom, and varied recording times.

For an even more advanced videoing experience, you can rent a cinema camera with features like wireless remote control, multiple recording formats, advanced recording, memory cards, and different lens compatibilities, just to name a few.

Digital Camera Rental

Photography Equipment RentalsIs your daughter about to perform her first dance recital on a stage full of bright lights and handfuls of other children? This is definitely an opportunity you won’t want to forget, and there’s no better way to capture that memory than with a digital camera. Too bad you have a basic camera that may not filter out or focus on your child during her performance. No need to fret, though! Camera rental companies across the globe offer digital camera rentals for just such an occasion.

Digital cameras come in a number of makes and models, and each with their own set of distinct features. When it’s time to create a lasting memory, but you don’t have the means or desire to purchase a new top-of-the-line camera, you can simply rent a digital camera to fulfill all your photography needs.

Digital camera rentals can come with options including continuous shooting, built-in image sensor cleaning, video capability, varying levels of megapixels, exposure control, and GPS geo-tagging.

Lenses, Lighting, and Grips, Oh My!

Sometimes you already have the desired camera for your photography or videoing needs, but you require some accessories to get that perfect shot. From camera rental companies across the country, you can rent lighting, lenses, grips, and more to give you that extra touch to make your shoot as you envision. Some rental companies even offer studio and production gear including portable power supplies, tents, and computers and accessories.

CSI Rentals

CSI RentalsKnown as a one-stop camera rental shop based in New York, CSI Rentals has everything you need for your photography or video session in one convenient location. No more running around or having items shipped from different companies. When you rent from CSI Rentals, you can either pick up your items from their street level location in NYC or via curb side service where the CSI staff with load and unload all your equipment while you stay inside the vehicle. And you don’t have to live in The Big Apple to take advantage of all the camera equipment and services they provide. CSI Rentals ships a portion of their photo, video, and cinema equipment nationwide.

Truly having everything you need, CSI Rentals offers other services including the option to rent a photo assistant, digital tech, video tech, and/or gaffer for your session. They also have predetermined van, lighting, and video packages or the ability to create your own package, thus saving you time and money.

During the planning phase of your next video or photography shoot, be sure to visit CSI Rentals for all your equipment rental needs. You can view their extensive inventory by perusing their company web site or by viewing their rental store on Rent It Today. And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook so you can keep up-to-date with the latest news in the industry, as well as any sales or promotional offerings.

If you land that perfect shot while using one of CSI Rentals camera equipment items, make a copy, and send it our way! We love to see our partnering companies’ rental items being put to good use, and we may just include it on our web site.

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  • Tiana Berwanger

    @Jason Glass I wish I would have known about this option years ago when I was planning my wedding. I could have saved a bunch of money by having a friend use camera accessory rentals and taking our pictures instead of shelling out boo koo bucks for a professional photographer!