Anesthesia Machine Rental Is A Painless, Practical Option

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Medical Equipment Rentals Include Anesthesia Machines

Medical equipment rental and leasing is a wise choice in a number of situations. Rental or leasing of anesthesia machines and anesthetic workstations is a widely available option in most regions of the United States.

In this article we’ll examine some of the situations in which renting or leasing anesthetic machines is a practical and economically beneficial option.

Funding Challenges

Raising capital required for a startup medical practice or to modernize an existing healthcare practice can be a daunting and time consuming process. Renting an anesthesia machine or workstation is an affordable alternative to purchasing and provides a vehicle to get off the ground and move forward until financing can be acquired.

Physicians modernizing an existing healthcare practice often plan on upgrading current equipment and the window from purchase to delivery is often addressed by renting the upgraded equipment until their purchase is delivered.

Temporary Replacement During Maintenance or Service Intervals

Anesthesia machines and vaporizers must be in excellent working condition to ensure the proper percentage of anesthetic gas is delivered. To this end, regular evaluation of machines associated with the delivery of anesthetics is done to assure optimum function and integrity. Anesthetic vaporizers must periodically be serviced and rental of a temporary replacement during maintenance and service allows care to be continued uninterrupted.

Temporary Replacement During Relocation

Moving a medical practice is never a simple or easy task. The transfer of an expensive anesthesia machine and associated equipment from your current office to the next often requires time consuming planning and execution. Renting an anesthesia machine for temporary use in your new location can help make the move of your medical practice both smooth and productive.

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Anesthesia Machine Rental Meets Unexpected Demand

Risk Reduction

Anesthesia machines, like any machine, are not immune to malfunction and rental allows a backup,functioning anesthesia machine to be available. Many medical practices realize this is a safety issue in the event a machine failure should occur. In addition, an economic benefit may be gained by avoiding lost revenue from having to suspend business for a day or two until the anesthesia machine can be repaired or replaced.

Unexpected High Demand

Anesthesia machine rental is a solution to meeting unexpected increased demand  for anesthesia services. For example, medical practices and hospitals have experienced this phenomenon during influenza outbreaks as well as in response to natural and man made disasters. Temporary or permanent addition of surgeons to staff can also spur increased demand for anesthetic services.

Equipment Testing Before Investing in Ownership

One of the undeniable benefits of rental or leasing of anesthesia machines and workstations is the opportunity it gives medical practitioners to cost effectively test drive medical equipment before investing in a purchase. In addition, since providing a working machine is in the ultimate interest of the rental provider, service and maintenance is typically the responsibility of the rental company.  Rent It Today is used by physicians and medical professionals to find medical equipment rental firms which offer anesthesia machines for rent or lease.

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