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You’ve got a significant amount of material to store on-site and you know you’ll need to lease or rent a portable storage container in Edmonton or locations in Alberta, Canada. This article will share important factors to consider when renting a used shipping container as a mobile storage solution.Portable Container rental services throughout Alberta, Canada

Alberta storage container services are available for any individual or business need. Containers used for shipping and storage are also called cargo containers, conex containers, portable containers, sea containers, freight containers, intermodal containers and sea cans. Because the vast majority are made from heavy duty steel, they are also known as steel containers.

A container is not much good if it is not what is known in the lingo as ‘wind and water tight’. This means not only the container will not leak, it also means high wind will be unable to blow water inside the container. A big part of accomplishing this involves two considerations.

Two Mobile Storage Considerations

The first is ensuring the door seals are not compromised. Most container doors have external as well as secondary internal seals. Both must be functional to protect your contents.

The second is making 100% sure there are no holes anywhere in the storage unit, particularly the floor. Holes in the floor are an open invitation to rodent and insect infestation; never a good thing for any material stored.

Many bulk commodities from edible goods to fragile components are moved in containers over long distances and overseas. It is not unusual for these containers to start their journey in warm temperatures and arrive at a destination where the temperature is below freezing, and vice versa. This is especially true in Canada.

Avoid Water Damage When Using Portable Containers

Edmonton AB 40' Mobile Storage Container RentalsTo ensure materials in these containers are not damaged by condensation, a vent system is part of container design. Make sure your rental container vents are unobstructed. A container typically will have from 2 to 8 vents. The vents should have adequate screening to allow proper ventilation and prevent insect and animal entry.

If you are planning to keep your container on the ground outdoors, be aware the container could become a significant obstacle to water drainage. This could cause diversion of the flow of water on your property, and pose potential problems.

In addition, you want to prevent water from pooling under your container. A container can be elevated and leveled or placed on a specially designed chassis which has wheels to mobilize it. Supports placed at the back, middle and front of the container will inhibit the sinking of one corner, preventing twisting the container and making the doors difficult to open.

Keep in mind most container rental businesses understand your possible lack of experience in renting their product, and are happy to consult with you regarding your situation in order to recommend the best solution. This is a win-win as it benefits both parties.

Container King A PAC-VAN Inc. Company

Container King, a Pac-Van Inc. Company, is a great resource for expert advice on shipping containers and Edmonton portable storage container rentals. Their associates can offer you the experience gained from over 30 years in the portable shipping container business.  Container King has built a worldwide network of contacts, so they can provide you with world class service. If your need is common or obscure, they have seen it and love to help your business learn how to tackle it.

Container King rents 20 foot portable storage container, 40 foot standard containers, and hi-cube containers. Standard storage container height is 8’6” and hi-cube is 9’6″. In addition they lease mobile offices.

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