Looking for a 20′ Statue for Your Next Event? Just Rent It!

The Ancestor

What’s the next best option when your item won’t sell? Offer it for rent! This is exactly what statue creators Andy Rawlings and Michelle Topps of Wiltshire, England decided when their 20’ tall figure dubbed “The Ancestor” didn’t sell on eBay.

The Ancestor was originally built to mark the summer solstice at Stonehenge. Per Michelle, “What we tried to do with his position, is to actually capture the very moment the sun comes up and he’s dropped to his knees in thanks.” Well, they’ve definitely made their mark with their structure. Weighing in at just over 7 tons, the Ancestor has gained quite a bit of attention, albeit not enough for anyone to want to purchase him.

Per the BBC, the structure has been spending his time at Stonehenge, and oddly enough, outside a Holiday Inn in Amesbury in the United Kingdom. Since its unsuccessful sale on eBay, the couple decided they now want to rent out the arms thrusted, kneeling statue for festivals and other events. Mr. Rawlings is quoted in an interview stating, “We haven’t seen a penny for him so now we need the Ancestor to be working for us.”

I, personally, think the figure would be a great (and hilarious) addition to American football games with placement at home team endzones. Just picture it – the player kicks the ball for a field goal, and….it’s good! Look, even The Ancestor says so!

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