Yes, You Can Rent An iPhone

Where can I rent iPhone

The evolution of the cell phone continues. Keep up with the latest advancements in the iPhone and available electronic equipment rental at Rent It Today.

I don’t like change. That bulky thing attached to my pants during a neighborhood stroll is my Walkman. If I want to switch the channel on my TV, I have to get up off the couch, and while I’m up there, I might as well adjust its “ears.” I have to travel great distances for my six packs of Tab. You get the point. So, as you can imagine, up until a week ago, my cell phone was just that – a phone. It wasn’t a camera. It wasn’t a computer. It made phone calls. But as technology and my Swatch watch went on, I realized I didn’t have a choice but to evolve with the times.

Baby Steps To Change

After much contemplation, I’d decided my journey to change would begin with my cell phone. I sent out a Facebook post (because I’m not completely removed from society) asking what type of cellular everyone uses. The resounding answer from just about everyone was Apple’s iPhone.

Simple enough, I thought, and began my computer query quest for information on the iPhone. I was amazed at how many versions are available. The next few minutes are mostly a blur, but I recall reading about “data plan,” “iPhone 3,” “GS,” “iPhone 4S.” I had already determined I was going to buy an iPhone, but questioned which would best suite my needs. The way to find out? Rent different iPhones!

Where to Rent an iPhone

Where to find iPhone and Smartphone RentalWith a simple search, I found cell phone rentals from a company called Tech-Go Technology Rentals. Tech-Go, formerly known as RentCell, is a nationwide provider of communication devices and electronic equipment rentals, and they have every cell phone imaginable for rent, including different models of the iPhone. Easy enough! I rented various makes of iPhones, and learned that each iPhone rental from Tech-Go comes with the following:

• Free data up to 700mb per week
• Email, web browsing, video broadcasting
• Wi-Fi capability
• GPS with Google maps
• Additional applications can be provided for minimal fees

I haven’t settled on which phone I am going to purchase just yet. Each time I think I’ve decided, a newer model is unveiled. With all the up-to-date options available from Tech-Go Technology Rentals, I may just keep renting cell phones so I can keep up with the latest technology.

How To Get Your Hands On The Latest Technology

If you are in the market for a cell phone rental or looking to rent technology of any sort, Tech-Go is the way to go! Not only do they offer one of the largest varieties of electronics for rent on the web, but they also have same day shipping, and you can even earn money if you refer a friend. To begin the rental process, you can check out their web site, or visit Rent It Today where you can view the entire mobile phone rental inventory with just one click.

Rent It Today helps you keep up with all the latest advancements in phone rental.

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3 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Rent An iPhone

  • Bob Schrichte

    Thanks for your feedback, Mike. Test driving a prospective buy is one of the great benefits of rental. Many of our rental partners see sales derived from their rentals if the renter is satisfied with the performance of the item rented.

  • MIke T

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a situation where knowing this could’ve saved me. Its like you said, every time I buy a new piece of tech, a few months later my buddies are coming up showing me their latest gadget and telling me about how much better than mine it is. The problem is that with technology you never know when the littlest bug is going to make using it a nightmare, so being able to test drive it makes so much sense! Thanks for the information.