Baby Equipment Rentals and Travel Planning in Winnipeg Canada

If you are planning a family vacation or traveling to Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) with kids in tow, then consider Baby Equipment Rentals as a way to simplify the process.  Winnipeg, also known as “the cultural cradle of Canada”, is home to a variety of significant architecture, award-winning musicians, and amazing festivals & cultural events. Karen Dunmall, a former child equipment rental company owner in Winnipeg, knows all to well how overwhelming travel planning becomes once babies and kids enter the equation…

Where to find baby gear rental in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Ah, the joys of traveling.  Bags packed?  Check.  Tickets?  Check.  Book and little pillow?  Check.  Checked in and taxi called?  Check.  Time to relax and enjoy the trip!

Wait a minute – that was before kids.  Scratch off the book and pillow, call the airline to make sure the lap child is on the reservation, and ask the taxi company for a minivan.  Re-pack the bags to make sure there is room for the bottles, medicine, clothes, sippy cups, favorite teddy, shoes, sandals, hats, toys, books, presents for grandma, and maybe a pair of pants for yourself (you can make do with one, you think).  Add another suitcase to the list of things to pay for at the airport because you forgot the humidifier, bumper pads, snow suit, boots, music player, favorite blanket and booster chair. Whew.  Now, get the car seats into the taxi, add the stroller and bags, and oops, almost forgot the kid!

It is always amazing how much stuff kids need, and especially when they are traveling.  The idea of jumping on the plane to visit grandma or go on vacation always seems great but then the reality of traveling with kids sets in.  It is a lot of work.

However, there are now baby equipment rental companies in Winnipeg, Manitoba to make traveling a little easier.  Instead of hauling car seats from coast to coast, or bringing toys, bedding, strollers, and booster chairs from home, the option to rent baby gear is in most major cities across Canada and in fact worldwide.  Grandma can rent a full-sized crib just like home so that the little ones sleep better, and are contained in a perhaps not child-proofed room like Grandma’s den.  With all of the crib and stroller recalls lately, borrowing from friends or getting items second hand may no longer be the safest option. So make life a little bit simpler and rent what you need for baby.

So, if you are coming to Winnipeg to experience our friendly Canadian hospitality, enjoy our authentic winter, jump in our many gorgeous lakes  some of our best kept secrets, contact a local baby equipment rental company make your journey with kids easier and your stay more enjoyable.

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    Thanks for posting this! In addition to your tips, I would suggest considering baby furniture rentals. Sometimes it’s easier to leave the large stuff at home and find a reputable baby furniture rental company. On my recent trip to Hawaii, I rented a bunch of things including a high chair and pack and play from It was a big help!