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AEDs Save Lives

An automated external defibrillator (AED) saved the life of Brandon Koskitalo when he went into cardiac arrest while at school.

“Restaurant Worker Helps Save Life at Airport”
“Bystanders Save Local Man’s Life”
“Jailers Save Life”
“Teens Save Life of Swimmer”
“15 Year Old Athlete’s Life Saved”
“Good Samaritans Save Pregnant Mom”

The lifesavers in these article titles are not just the restaurant worker, bystanders, jailers, teens, and good Samaritans. These heroes all used a device called an automated external defibrillation (AED). An AED is a portable piece of medical equipment that delivers an electric therapy to the heart, allowing it to reestablish an effective rhythm.

Heart Attacks Don’t Discriminate

The belief is that heart attacks only strike older persons, living an unhealthy lifestyle, but that assumption is incorrect. Although common in people fitting those characteristics, cardiac arrest can strike anyone, including children. To put it in perspective, cardiac arrests take more lives in America each year than breast cancer, prostate cancer, house fires, firearms, traffic accidents, and AIDS combined. With these numbers, it makes sense that AED machines are popping up in more places every day. Currently, you can find airports, restaurants, schools, recreational facilities, and even bars equipped with an AED. The reason is simple – at the time of this article, more than a third of victims who suffer cardiac arrest in public and are treated with an AED survive.

Saving Lives, One AED Machine Rental at a Time

DefibrillatorNumerous medical equipment providers offer automated external defibrillators rentals across the US. When you rent a defibrillator, you just increased the survival rate of a person that goes into cardiac arrest while in your presence. An AED comes equipped with simple to understand and easy to follow audio instructions and visual prompts. Further, all 50 states have a “Good Samaritan Law” that protects non-medical persons that use a defibrillator to respond to a medical emergency.

Some situations that would benefit from an AED rental include sporting events, when taking the troops on a wilderness journey, in the home of someone with diagnosed heart conditions, when current defibrillator equipment is out of commission, and school field trips.

For More Information

To begin the process of renting an AED machine or other durable home medical equipment, please visit Rent It Today, where we make renting your medical equipment simple!

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3 thoughts on “Dallas Defibrillator Rentals & Durable Home Medical Equipment

  • jakeadams1221

    Really good that man was saved with the help of a
    defibrillator. People should learn about the AED and have AED equipment at
    their home and office. AED should also be at public places to save

  • jakeadams1221

    That really good that boy saves with the help of defibrillator. People
    should learn About the AED and have AED equipment at their home and
    office. AED should also be on public place it’s easy to save life of any
    patient. A defibrillator is a device that gives electrical shocks to a
    patient heart when their heart is performing irregularly.