How To Get Your Hands On A Machine Gun? Rent It !

Machine Gun

Happiness Is A Warm Machine Gun

As a leader in the world of rental marketing, Rent It Today knows a lot about renting machines. Our customers rent all kinds of machines: exotic cars, jets, construction equipment, medical equipment and electronic equipment to name just a few.

And we’re no stranger to guns, either. People come to the site to search rentals for nail guns, screw guns, heat guns, speed detector guns and even stun guns.

So since you can find machines and guns, you might logically conclude a machine gun rental can be found here. Well, you can find costume businesses here that will rent you a gun, but it’s not a real one. As of this writing, if you want to rent a real gun, you’ll have to visit a shooting range that offers gun rentals to shoot at the range. You can order your weapon in, but you can’t get take out. A license from the Federal Government is required for a business to own and rent automatic weapons.

Shooting Ranges Offer Gun Rental

Gun rental at shooting ranges is not uncommon, and some can put a machine gun in your hands, as well as other high powered assault weapons.

A September 10, 2012 article in the Charleston, SC Post and Courier covers the opening of a local shooting range by the name of Quickshot.  At Quickshot customers can tote in their own guns or rent from a selection of pistols, rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons, including machine guns.

Range time at Quickshot will set you back $12.95 an hour on weekends. The same amount will entitle you to unrestricted time during business hours Monday through Friday. Guns rent for $10, or $30 for machine guns. Ammunition is not included and is provided at an additional charge. As you might guess, a machine gun can churn through some serious quantities of ammo.

Quickshot also operates a shooting range in Atlanta. However, if you don’t live in the South, don’t despair. Shooting ranges that rent automatic weapons can be found throughout the United States, including other Quickshot locations. An online search will likely turn up a shooting range in your area that rents what you’re seeking.


The Gun Store Las Vegas

A sample of rentals available at The Gun Store in Vegas

Shoot More Than Craps

For example, if you’re visiting Las Vegas and want to take an offbeat break from the casinos, you could opt to take the wheel of an excavator or bulldozer. But if reprising the role of Bonnie or Clyde gets you fired up, you can visit The Gun Store and rent your weapon of choice. After that perhaps you’ll find, as one customer did, that no trip to Vegas is complete without a machine gun rental.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Your Hands On A Machine Gun? Rent It !

  • MattRentItToday

    Being a military brat and growing up on base I played war a lot as a kid. My G.I. Joe’s, tanks, and jet fighters were rarely fighting Cobra, they were always heading into the jungles of Vietnam, defending international air space, or stopping a communist invasion “Red Dawn” style. Although I do not currently own a gun and am pretty sure I’ll never wake up one morning and decide that having a machine gun around the house would be handy…I’d sure enjoy spending an afternoon at a shooting range with an M60, M16, AK-47, “Tommy Gun, or any machine gun.