Shoe’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

There's help for all the lost "soles" in the world.

We’ve all experienced loss. Some have loved and lost. Some have lost a pet. Some of us lost our mind four years ago when we became a Mother. And similar to my friend, Patrick, some just lose their keys three times a week. No matter what your exact experience entails, it’s always an uneasy feeling.

Hop Aboard The Sole Train

In the Beijing, China subway, apparently that panicky feeling was being experienced by countless people each day. Why, you ask? Did they lose their route map? Did they misplace their wallet, and couldn’t pay the toll? Did they put down their coffee for a second while trying to locate their loyalty card, only to forget it, then go back and realize it’s not where they thought they had left it? No, no, and no. Instead, the subway goers of China were experiencing shoe loss during their travels.

I, personally, am no good at math, but here’s an easy way to understand this story.

Hot Summer Days (+) Huge Crowds of People Wearing Flip Flops in the Subway = Lots of Lost Shoes

X, in this case, is the company offering shoe rental replacements for those whose flip flops vanished in the sea of lost soles. And if you ask me Y, my answer will most definitely be, “I have no earthly idea.”

But Wait! There’s More

For only $19.99 (or whatever yuan equivalency that would be since again, math is not my strong point), you can also rent a bicycle to get from the subway to your destination in Beijing. And if you act now, you will even receive an umbrella rental for a small shipping and handling fee.

Ok, so those aren’t really the rental rates, but the point of the story is…not every goody two-shoes is a shoo-in for finding footwear that is the right size and as comfortable as an old shoe, but if the shoe fits, you’re less likely to have to fill someone else’s rental shoes.

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