Our New Search Engine Makes Finding Your Rental Simple

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As The Ultimate Rental Resource, Rent It Today strives to make renting simple, and constantly seeks ways to make the web site that loves renting more user friendly.

To that end Rent It Today has recently unveiled a site search engine which gives you another option to conveniently locate items for rent in your area, or any region of the United States.

New Search Tool Makes Renting Simple


Located at the top of the home page, search results are quickly displayed with links to the corresponding rental items, much like a conventional search engine.

Rent It Today currently hosts over 150,000 unique visitors seeking anything and everything for rent each month, and many of these visitors have requested a site search function to make finding their item easier. We thought it was a great idea.

The original rental category format will continue to be displayed like it always has, so visitors to Rent It Today will be able to select which search method they prefer for finding their rental.

Since its inception in 2007, Rent It Today.com has experienced steady growth, and in 2011 topped the one million unique visitor mark for first time. The site features more than 60,000 items for rent, and was recently recognized as a rental resource in the September 1, 2012 weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Rent It Today makes renting simple by developing innovative services that our customers have come to expect and enjoy. We invite you to visit and give the new search function a test drive.

Interested in driving visitors to your rental business? Check us out.


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