Orlando Scooter Rentals for Your Trip to Disney

Child's Dream To Meet Cinderella Finally Comes True

Every child dreams of a visit to Disney World. Don’t let your mobility difficulty interfere with making that dream a reality for your little ones. Instead, rent a scooter from YellowScooters.com in Orlando, FL.

Personal Experience Leads to Yellow Scooters’ Development

Rent A Scooter From Wolly At Yellow Scooters.comDuring a trip to Walt Disney World with his loved ones, the founder of this family owned and operated mobility scooter rental company found himself in need of a scooter rental. He was provided with a scooter in such terrible condition, he felt compelled to form a complaint. After relaying his concerns, the scooter rental company replied with “that’s what rental scooters are like.” Well, not anymore. At that moment, he decided he could provide a better product, and that prospective customers deserve more out of their Disney scooter rental. That’s exactly what you’ll receive when you rent a scooter from Yellow Scooters.

Throughout the entire process of acquiring your Disney World mobility scooter, you will be treated like personal friends and family of the staff of Yellow Scooters. They adhere to a rental mission statement ensuring you will receive your fully inspected, high quality scooter rental cleaned and sanitized, and ready for use. Each scooter offers unique features including ease in disassembly and amazing comfort and stability. Their inventory is guaranteed to be less than 12 months old, and your rental experience will be nothing short of top notch.

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More Than Just Scooters

Do you have a little one in tote for your family trip to Orlando? If so, you already know the incredible amount of items needed for their comfort and safety while at Disney World. If you are flying, you are looking at paying dizzying fees for extra baggage. If you are packing up the car, you are going to need creative ways to fit all your passengers plus all their baggage. Have no fear – Yellow Scooters is here!

Aside from their scooter rentals, the friendly folks at Yellow Scooters.com also have strollers for rent. Their stroller rental inventory includes both single and double strollers and will be provided to you and your family with the same quality and service as their scooter rentals.

For More Information

To view images, read more information about these and other items, and to get the rental process started, visit Yellow Scooters company web site.


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