Beat the Heat When You Vacation to Keystone, Colorado

Unusually High Temperatures Have Spread Across The US This Year

What’s the best way to cool down during these steamy summer days? Start planning your ski vacation!

Picture it…you’re gliding down a majestic snow-covered mountain, wind in your hair, bright blue ski and sun above, a slight chill from the breeze. Your only care at this point is planning your evening cozied up in front of the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Where are you in this glorious vision? In Colorado, of course.

If you’re like most, Colorado is one of the first places you think of when visualizing yourself hitting the slopes. Rightfully so, considering the Centennial State is home to some of the best and most well-known ski and snowboarding resorts in the US.

One of those frosty havens includes Keystone, Colorado. Keystone is known for their perfectly groomed ski slopes, as well as their summer sun, mountainous adventures, entertaining nightlife, and delicious dining options.

Keystone Vacation Accommodations

Plan Your Ski Vacation TodayWhen planning a trip to Keystone, Rent It Today can help you secure all your vacation rentals. We market condos, townhouses, log homes, and other vacation accommodations in Summit County, CO. From our site, you can view images of each rental property, while also choosing a location with all the amenities you want to fulfill your vacation intentions. Some of those options include number of bedrooms and bathrooms, entertainment systems, computer or internet access, hot tub, gaming console, and wood fireplace.

Peak Adventures

When not pounding the powder, there’s no shortage of activities. Rent a bicycle for everyone in the family, and head out to Keystone Bike Park. There, you will find a trail to match your abilities whether on a single track or touring option, a paved bike path, or a progressive terrain fit for the avid mountain biker.

Keystone is also a top fly fishing destination. Cast your line under the afternoon warmth of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and see just how many trout you can catch.

The fun doesn’t stop there! A vacation in Keystone can also include hiking, golfing, horseback riding, and so much more. There are options abound in Keystone, Colorado.

Dining in Keystone

Foodies Enjoying the annual Taste of Keystone in ColoradoAfter a long day of skiing or other happenings, everyone deserves a good meal, and there’s no shortage of eateries in Keystone. Some of the more popular choices include Ski Tip Lodge, ranked #1 in online reviews. At Ski Tip Lodge, you will experience freshly prepared American fare, and can choose a meal from their gluten free menu. Another favorite is Keystone Ranch Restaurant, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the mountains while perusing a menu of meals prepared with local meats and produce.

If you have difficulty choosing from the numerous options of tastiness, then plan your vacation to Keystone during the early days of September. During that time, the area holds an annual culinary fest, known as the Taste of Keystone. During the event, you can sample varied cuisines from Keystone’s most renowned restaurants. The festivities also include sweet treats, musical entertainment, and kid-friendly activities. This is definitely a family fun activity for everyone!

Plan Your Stay By Using Rent It Today

Before you pack your snowsuit, visit Rent It Today for all your ski vacation rental needs. During your trip to Keystone, be sure to snap a shot of you jumping that ever impressive mogul, and send it our way. We love to see happy customers using rental items they located through Rent It Today. Your picture may even end up on our web site!

Photo Courtesy of Keystone Resort

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