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As the second most populous city in the state behind neighboring Chicago;  Aurora, Illinois is home to several major employers, including heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar Corporation.

As with any city this large there is always a significant number of individuals moving into as well as relocating out of  the area, so Aurora, IL self storage facilities are constantly in use for the benefits they offer to individuals in transition. If you are moving to start a new job or even the same job at a new job location, the IRS offers 10 tax tips on moving expenses you may be able to deduct on your tax return, including those for finding self storage rental.

Moving Related Expenses Eligible For Deduction

1. Expenses must be close to the time you start work. Expenses incurred within one year of the date you first report to work at a new job location can be considered.

2. Distance Test. If your new primary job location is a minimum of 50 miles further from your former home than your previous main job location was from your former home, then your move meets the distance test. For example, if your previous main job location was three miles from your previous home, your new main job location must be at least 53 miles from that former home.

3. Time Test. Once you arrive at your new job location, you are required to work full time for at least 39 weeks during the first year at your new location. Self-employed individuals must meet this test, and they must also work full time for a total of at least 78 weeks during the first 24 months upon arriving in their new job location. If your tax return is due before you have met this requirement, you can still deduct your allowable moving expenses if you expect to meet the time test. There are some special rules and exceptions to these general rules, so see Publication 521, Moving Expenses for more information.

4. Travel. Lodging expenses (but not meals) can be deducted for yourself and household members while relocating from your former home to your new home. You can also deduct transportation expenses, including airfare, vehicle mileage, parking fees and tolls you pay, but only one trip per person is deductible.

5. Household goods. You can deduct the cost of packing, crating and transporting your household goods and personal property, including the cost of shipping household pets. You may be able to include the cost of storing and insuring these items while in transit.

6. Utilities . Expenses associated with the cost of connecting or disconnecting utilities are deductible.

7. Form. You can deduct only those expenses that are reasonable for the circumstances of your move. To figure the amount of your deduction for moving expenses, use Form 3903, Moving Expenses.

8. Nondeductible expenses. You cannot deduct as moving expenses: any part of the purchase price of your new home, car tags, a drivers license renewal, costs of buying or selling a home, expenses of entering into or breaking a lease, or security deposits and storage charges, except those incurred in transit and for foreign moves.

9. Reimbursed expenses. If your employer reimburses you for the costs of a move for which you took a deduction, the reimbursement may have to be included as income on your tax return.

10. Update your address. When you move, be sure to update your address with the IRS and the U.S. Postal Service to ensure you receive mail from the IRS. Use Form 8822, Change of Address, to notify the IRS.

Self Storage location of Extra Space in Aurora, Illinois

Extra Space Storage

So whether you are preparing to call Illinois your new home or are about to list Aurora as your former address, it will be wise to keep track of your moving expenses. Expenses incurred for job related moving self storage unit rental in Aurora, IL within 30 consecutive days after items are moved from your old home, but before they are delivered to your new home are likely eligible for a deduction. As always, it is wise to do your homework or seek the services of a knowledgeable tax professional.


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More details are available in IRS Publication 521 and Form 3903. IRS publications and forms are available on or by calling 800-829-3676.

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