Durable Home Medical Equipment Rental in Denver Colorado

Rent a Pride Victory Scooter from Aspen Medical SupplySometimes it is difficult to locate home medical supplies or wheelchair accessible vans for just a temporary amount of time. If you live in or are vacationing to Colorado, these items are actually quite simple to find. Aspen Medical Supply, based out of Littleton, Colorado, offers medical equipment rentals and wheelchair accessible vans for rent.


Aspen Medical Supply, Offering Medical Equipment Rentals and Healthcare SuppliesAspen Medical Supply offers a variety of mobility and motorized scooters for rent. The most popular scooter rental from their fleet of mobility products is the Pride Victory Scooter, designed to navigate a variety of ground surfaces. With an adjustable handlebar, front basket, and ability to travel between 20 and 25 miles in one charge, this item is perfect for local sightseeing or completing daily errands.

Aspen Medical Supply’s rental inventory also includes both standard and power wheelchairs. When you need to rent a standard manual wheelchair, you will find options ranging in size and weight capacities. You can rent a standard wheelchair for as little as one day, and up to as long as you need it.

If you are in the market for a walker rental, you will find both 4-wheeled seater and standard folding walkers for rent from Aspen Medical Supply.

Wheelchair Accessible Van For Rent Through Aspen Medical SupplyTransportation

A unique offering from a medical equipment rental company, Aspen Medical Supply also has wheelchair accessible vans for rent. Their catalogue of vehicles is comprised of Chevy Venture and Chevy Uplander minivans. Each include power ramps and doors accessible by remote control, and can be accommodated with hand controls, steering knobs, and left side gas pedal upon request.

Medical Equipment For Rent or Sale

Aspen Medical Supply also has medical equipment for either rent or purchase. Items including lift chairs, hospital beds, patient lift hoyers, and therapy ice machines can be rented. Items for purchase include bathroom equipment, diagnostic equipment, stairlifts, and much more. If you are in the market solely for medical equipment rentals, Aspen Medical Supply’s rental inventory can be located on Rent It Today, where we make your renting experience simple.

When you are ready to secure your durable home medical supply equipment or wheelchair accessible van from Aspen Medical Supply, you can reach them by phone, fax, email, or mail. For your convenience, you can also complete a rental form located on their company web site.

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