The House That Is NOT a Home

One-Sqm-House in Berlin

What makes a home? In my opinion, a home is made up of a cozy bed, an inviting kitchen, a comfy couch, a loving family, and a pantry stocked with Nutella. Apparently I’m wrong. Well, at least according to Van Bo Le-Mentzel.


Mr. Le-Mentzel is the architect responsible for designing what has been named the “One-Sqm-House,” which is literally an enclosed area measuring one square meter. From the picture, you can see all that really fits within one square meter is an average sized individual, a pillow, and some reading material. There isn’t space for kids, a spouse, a tv, any unannounced visitors…wait, this is actually sounding quite enticing.

Anyway, although the aforementioned factors seem appealing, I don’t think you can really call it a home unless there is a bathroom, or a toilet at the very least. But if you disagree, and live or are planning to visit Berlin, you can rent this beautiful oceanfront property…or parking space property…for the equivalent of $1.30 per night.

Home or Haven?

Let’s recap. For less than I find in my husband’s pants pockets during laundry day, I can have a designated area all to myself, with no interruptions, where my only options are sleeping or reading. Instead of the “One-Sqm-House,” they should name this little treasure “Mama’s Retreat Bungalow.” Who really needs a bathroom anyway? As a Mom, I’ve learned to hold it for hours while I tend to my family’s every need. Plus, if you’re a Mother, how many times have you thought, “I would pay for some peace and quiet.”? Well now you can, and you can do so for less than $2 a day through Airbnb.

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*Feel free to leave a comment on your take of whether or not to coin the One-Sqm-House a home, but I may not respond immediately. I’ll be too busy researching flights to Berlin.

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