Colorado Casino Party Rentals and Event Planning

It’s a brand new day during Casino Party Week here on the Rent It Today Blog.  Saddle up! party planners, as today we are heading out West in order to feature casino rentals and casino party planning in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Kansas.

Casino Art For Rent by Dan Delouise of Delouise Studios

Casino Artwork and Backdrop Rentals by Delouise Studios

“The first casino gambling was brought to the west from French, English, Irish and Spanish immigrants, mostly traveling up the Mississippi River from the deep south long before the Civil War.

According to popular belief, though argued by some, Brown’s Saloon was the first casino built on American Soil in 1822. The saloon was built upon the intersecting corners of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

Trappers in the west greatly enjoyed the casino gambling and those passing through quickly spread the idea further west. Gold miners were constantly traversing the plains in search of wealth towards the Pacific Coast. Inevitably, casinos were developed in abundance in an attempt to capture what gold these prospectors may have found (World Casino Directory Colorado History).”

People have been traveling to Colorado and the West since the gold rush era attempting to strike it rich.  Since that time there has been gambling and casino operations attempting to profit from those peoples fortunes.  One of the beauties of casino parties is the ability to enjoy all the fun & excitement that comes from gambling without one’s wallet taking a hit.  Everyone wins at a casino party, thus the expression, “the house always wins”, does not apply.  With some history relevant to the geography of this blog articles featured rental company out of the way, it is time to spotlight:  Denver, Colorado Casino Parties.

Las Vegas Casino Art Rentals by Daniel DeLouise

If you want to capture the true look and feel of a Las Vegas style casino party or Monte Carlo Night consider renting casino themed artwork, backdrops, banners and promotional material.  The Casino illustration and artwork featured at the top of this article is provide by Daniel DeLouise, who can be contacted on his website:, Art of Illustration DeLouise Studios.

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