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Need To Rent A Self Storage Unit in Lake Elsinore, CA?

Lake Elsinore, California is a lovely community located approximately 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles. It is situated along the shore of Southern California’s largest natural freshwater lake and bordered by the Elsinore Mountains, making it a scenic spot to live.

Whether you are a longtime resident or business owner, or moving into or from the area, you may avail yourself of the benefits of renting a self storage unit. There are a variety of reputable storage providers in the area like Extra Space Storage, whom has two facilities in the city nestled in part of the Santa Ana Mountain Range.

If you do utilize or are considering renting a self storage unit in Lake Elsinore, CA, it is important to remember to make sure your possessions or inventory are properly insured while in storage.

Make sure your items in self storage are insuredAre Your Stored Possessions Insured?

A story reported July 11th by the Associated Press serves as a graphic reminder of the importance of renters insurance for individuals who rent public self storage units to store their belongings.

A four alarm fire struck a self storage facility in Auburn, Washington, destroying 14 units and their contents. Firefighters battled the blaze for several hours and were unable to save items stored in the burned storage units.  The fire was later determined to be arson.

Like most businesses, self storage rental companies carry insurance on their property and buildings.  Insuring the contents housed in the storage units is usually the responsibility of the renter.

Ask Your Self Storage Provider About Insurance

Lake Elsinore Storage Units For Rent

Lake Elsinore Storage Units

Many self storage facilities offer renter’s insurance as part of their business model, either as an additional charge incurred monthly in addition to the standard rental fee, or by working with local insurance providers through referrals for which they receive compensation. Of course, individual renters may elect to do their own legwork to procure insurance for their stored possessions. It is prudent to check with your insurance agent to see if your homeowners or general casualty policy will  cover your possessions or inventory while in storage.

Hopefully, all the contents of the self storage facility which were destroyed in the recent fire were covered by renter’s insurance. In the event no insurance was in force, the result would be a total loss for the owners of those contents.

And while it is true that some items which individuals store in self storage units are irreplaceable like works of art, furniture, heirlooms, photos or any other one of a kind item, it still pays to have them insured to alleviate the stress which would accompany a total uncompensated loss.

So if you’re renting a self storage unit in Lake Elsinore to house your boat, your business inventory, or your household possessions and are not presently insuring any valuable items which you have in self storage, it would be prudent to get a quote from an insurance agent who provides this type of coverage.  You likely will find it is a good value and offers economical peace of mind.

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  • picasa

    Rental insurance is considerably cheaper than home insurance and when you buy it from your existing auto insurance company and inquire about a multi-policy discount, they typically offer 10% savings on the total premium for both policies.

  • Bob Schrichte Post author

    As one who rents myself, I often wonder when I see a story about a burned out apartment building if someone has just lost all their possessions without recourse to having them replaced. Renters insurance is a good investment.

  • RI Network

    Good points on getting the right kind of insurance for the storage unit. You never know when someone might steal your personal property from the storage facility.