Wheelie? You Can Rent Bicycles?

Ok, so the title is silly, but the idea to rent a bicycle is far from foolish. There are numerous situations when renting a bike just makes sense.

Why Rent a Bicycle?

On Vacation? Rent A Bicycle, Take A Tour, and See The Sights.

For instance, when vacationing in a magnificently scenic location, there’s no better way to sightsee or visit area attractions than from atop two wheels. Or maybe you and the family would like to spend a beautiful sunny afternoon at a nearby park. After chasing your toddler around the slides, holding her across the monkey bars, and pushing her a million times on the swing, you can wind down by leisurely pedaling along a bike path.

Cycle Before You Buy

For the enthusiastic-then-quickly-apathetic folks like me, it is not uncommon that we jump headfirst into an exercise regimen only to have the excitement and motivation wane after a solid week or two of dedication. It wouldn’t be wise for someone like myself to invest hundreds of dollars into a bicycle will be used for a lesser amount of time than it’s going to take the large extra cheese pizza I just ordered to arrive…with a side of fries…and cinnamon sticks.

Bicycling as a Sport

Former English Racing Cyclist, Chris Boardman

Did you know that bicycling is also considered a sport? There’s a whole band of bicycle races and racers across the world. Ever heard of Lance Armstrong? Yeah, he’s one of them. A competitive cyclist will obviously want the best bike for his particular biking needs. The most efficient way to achieve this is to rent different makes and models of bicycles until the best suited bike is determined.

Even a professional racer may be looking to mix it up a bit. For instance, a road racer may be interested in trying his foot at competitive mountain biking. Instead of buying an entirely new bike, he can simply rent a mountain bike or even racing wheels more appropriate to meet the demands of pedaling over rough terrains.

Where to Go

Whether you are renting a bicycle for recreation or competition, Rent It Today has companies ready to gear you up with a bike or bicycle accessories to get you pedaling on your way.

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