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Expecting? Now You Can Rent Maternity Clothes

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When I was pregnant, the most expensive items I bought were surprisingly NOT the numerous tacos and hundreds of Milk Duds I consumed over the course of several months…even before cravings had technically set in. Instead, the size of my wallet quickly decreased as the size of my body increased due to the amount of money I spent on maternity clothing.

Tip #109 – Never Tell a Pregnant Woman, “You MUST Be Having Twins!”

Save Money, and Rent Your Maternity WearAs my Mom, and any other Mother of the eighties will tell you, maternity wear has definitely evolved over the years. No longer do your options fall under the “Muumuu “and “Really Big Muumuu” categories. Instead, as I learned during my first trip to a local maternity store, there are now really great fashions to meet every lifestyle, size, season, and occasion. When I saw all the beautiful clothes, my first thought was, “As if there aren’t enough pressures and anxieties when being pregnant. Now I’m expected to look good, too?!?”.  Also during that initial visit, I experienced a drop jaw moment when I learned that an ordinary pair of maternity jeans can still cost as much as $60! I didn’t feel I had any other choice, so out came the debit card.

I began to feel like the “Norm Peterson” of this particular store, as my body felt the need to drastically change in size more times than I can count over my nine months of pregnancy. And hand on the Bible, I would outgrow some of my newly purchased items before even making it to my car. I was quickly going broke just to clothe myself! Overflowing with hormones, I would often leave the store in tears, curious as to what miracle was going to save me so I could afford diapers for my soon-to-be newborn. Well, guess what? There is a miracle maker out there, and its name is Fashion Forward Maternity.

Waddle with Style and Confidence
Rent High Fashion Maternity Clothes from Fashion Forward Maternity

You can rent maternity clothes. Let me repeat – YOU CAN RENT MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!! This could be one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard. No longer are the days of spending buku bucks on clothes you will only wear for a short period of time. I definitely support the purchase of a sturdy pair of adjustable jeans that will last you through the last few weeks of pregnancy, at which point you will have decided that sweatpants actually can be fashionable (little secret: they’re not!). But for special occasions or for someone trying to break my record of gaining baby weight, this is the perfect shopping destination for you. Whether you’re looking for maternity dresses or everyday pregnancy clothes, they’re sure to have something to fit your specific needs. If you’ve got a bun in the oven, and a budget in your wallet, you will want to check out so you can waddle in style.

Rent Baby Equipment, Too!

I don’t want to leave out all you post-pregnancy parents, so I’ve got a wonderful tip for you, too. Via Rent It Today, you can rent baby equipment including cribs, highchairs, bouncy seats, and so much more! You don’t need to shell out the big bucks on a baby swing and cross your fingers in the hopes your baby actually enjoys spending time in it. And there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy stroller set when your little one is going to outgrow it in a few months anyway. Instead, rent everything! This is a great option, too, for vacationing with little ones. Imagine the time, space, and money you can save when you rent all your baby equipment needs for your family vacation. All you do is reserve your items, and they will be waiting for you at your vacation destination. When you’re ready to return home, you just leave the items behind, and the rest is taken care of by your rental provider. Rent It Today makes renting simple, since anyone who has a child knows that parenthood isn’t very simple!

Find Stuff For Rent Like Baby Equipment

Make Renting Simple!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Makes the Belly Go Round

  • lauren3

    Tiana, I feel your pain, how come I did not know about this years ago?!? This is very awesome. Maternity clothes are so expensive and you never know just how long they might fit. I will definitely be recommending Fashion Forward Maternity to my friends.

  • Tiana Berwanger

    I had a great time writing this post, and especially learning about the company Fashion Forward Maternity. I WISH I would have known about them when I was pregnant. The most I can do now is spread the word to preggo friends and family, which I will happily do!