Volvo Rents Growth Aids Families of Wounded Veterans

Volvo Excavator Painted Red, White, and Blue


Please note: As of  February 2014 Volvo Rents has become Blueline Rental. For more details on the change see the press release.


The recent expansion of construction equipment rental company Volvo Rents across the United States has proven to be a benefit to families of wounded veterans. Blueline Rental has expanded over the last two years and now has over 120 construction equipment rental locations throughout North America. This in conjunction with the company’s support of The Folds of Honor Foundation has meant increased exposure and funds for the veteran’s program.

Volvo Rents Believes In Giving Back To Families of Wounded Veterans

Folds of Honor Partners with Volvo Rents to Help Families of Wounded VeteransThe Folds of Honor Foundation provides post-secondary educational scholarships to the spouses and children of service members disabled or killed as a result of their military service. In an effort to promote greater awareness for the Folds of Honor program, Volvo Rents has been painting some of their rental construction equipment to reflect patriotic themes, and donating 20 percent of the rental proceeds from that equipment to the cause. The eye-catching Red, White, and Blue Campaign is part of Volvo’s Color For A Cause program.

Since the partnership with Volvo Rents began in 2009, The Folds of Honor Foundation has received contributions exceeding $100,000, according to foundation Vice President Ed Pulido. Pulido is a veteran who was wounded in 2004 during action in Iraq, and has two daughters who have received scholarships.

Volvo Rents vice president of sales and marketing, Matt Tavianini, reported in addition to raising funds for Folds of Honor, the Red, White, and Blue Campaign also has built nearly 20 homes for veterans this year with the Homes for Our Troops organization.

“ We’ve done other pieces for breast cancer awareness and autism, but focused on veterans the past two years,” Tavianini said. “It’s just eye catching when the equipment is all painted up.” -from Fox Business

Volvo Rents construction equipment rentals painted Red White and Blue

When you see an excavator or other piece of heavy construction equipment bearing the Volvo Rents name and painted in patriotic colors, you’ll recognize the good work Volvo Rents is doing for the families of those who have served our country.

You can donate to the Folds of Honor or learn more by clicking here.


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