Document Scanner Rentals in the US and Canada

Reduce Paper Waste at Your Job

Reduce Paper Usage in Your Workplace with a Document Scanner Rental from Inception Technologies

Per research conducted on the internet:

  • The average company makes 19 copies of each paper document.
  • The average company spends $20 filing each document.
  • Searching for lost or misfiled paperwork costs $120 per document.
  • On average, companies lose 1 in 20 documents.
  • The average time to recreate a lost document is around 25 hours.
  • In a 100 person office, the cost of purchasing, printing, copying, faxing, mailing, couriering, storing, and disposing of paper can amount to nearly $450,000 per year.

When you’re ready to reduce these astounding statistics in your workplace, Inception Technologies can help. Inception Technologies is the leading document scanner rental provider for the US and Canada. They carry the industry’s most comprehensive list of image, color, and high speed document scanners including Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, and Panasonic.

The Benefits of Reducing Your Paper Load

Go Green by Reducing Paper DocumentationThe staff at Inception Technologies know the importance of your business joining today’s computerized era. By transferring your paper documentation into an electronic format, you are keeping up with the times, making processes simpler, completing an earth-friendly green act, and saving your company an incredible amount of time and money.

Renting a Document Scanner Just Makes Sense

When purchased, you will find yourself paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for a scanner compatible for your business transposing needs. A more sensible and cost-efficient response for this conversion project is to rent a document scanner. When you rent a document scanner from Inception Technologies, you receive professional service and installation, training upon delivery, reliable equipment, and the assurance that the item you’ve chosen to rent will meet your application purposes no matter how big or small. Whether your need includes scanning invoices, purchase orders, medical records, employee files, contracts, or any other paper documentation, the staff at Inception Technologies will provide you with the best fit equipment for your specific paperwork.

Inception Technologies offers rental agreements to suit your scanning needs whether your project calls for the temporary use of equipment for one month, a year, or longer. Their large catalog of document scanners for rent include models with options relating to speed, feeder capacity, and maximum pages of scanning ability.

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Alongside their document scanners, Inception Technologies also offers Konica-Minolta Microfilm scanners for rent. For a list of their entire rental inventory, visit their company web site or view their available scanners on Rent It Today. Additionally, keep up with Inception Technologies’ latest news and info by “liking” them on Facebook.

When you rent a document scanner from Inception Technologies, you can feel confident that you made a wise decision, and will save your business an abundance of time and money.

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