Florida Photo Scanning & Document Preservation Services

Preserve All Your Photos with a Scanner RentalDo you have a sizable collection of pictures taking up space in your Florida home or business? If so, scanner equipment rental programs, along with digital document and photograph preservation services can help.

Pictures are an important part of creating lasting memories. As a Mother, I can attest to having taken thousands of pictures of my children, chronicling every milestone, spaghetti-covered face, and community adventure.

As an employee, my second job takes me to an environment that thrives off of client accomplishments, which are always caught on camera or documents that are filed away. In both positions, I have acquired more photos than I can even count, all equally important. I find myself getting overly creative on places to store all my documents. Further, having so many tangible photographs has made it difficult to keep them organized.

Preserve Memories for Your Business or Family

If you find yourself in one or both of these situations, and you live in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, or anywhere in Florida, E-Z Photo Scan is ready to assist. Through E-Z Photo Scan, a division of i/oTrak, Inc., you can rent a scanner for simple and inexpensive photo conversion, preservation and organization. When you scan your pictures, they are protected, can easily be shared with friends and family, and free up space in your home or office. The process of renting a photo scanner through E-Z Photo Scan is straightforward and simple.

 Rent a Photo Scanner in Six Easy Steps

1. Contact a representative, and set up your rental date.
2. Complete the necessary paperwork.
3. Organize and prep your photos.
4. Receive and unpack your scanner.
5. Scan your photos.
6. Pack, and return your scanner.

When you rent through EZ Photo Scan, you will receive all the equipment and documentation you need to scan your photos in one all inclusive system. A KODAK model scanner, alongside a laptop already installed with the appropriate software and CD/DVD burner will arrive at your specified location. You will also receive image software, a scanning system care kit, a 300+ year preservation DVD, and a complete set of guidelines to assist you in your scanning project.

 E-Z Photo Scan – Affordable Scanning Equipment Well Worth Your Time and Money

Photo Scanners for Rent in Florida


When you are ready to scan your pictures and protect your memories, visit E-Z Photo Scan’s services, visit their blog, “like” their Facebook page, or follow them on twitter.

You can also view one of E-Z Photo Scan’s Florida area photo scanner rental stores at Rent It Today. There, in one easy to navigate location, you can determine which photo scanner best suites your personal or professional needs. At Rent It Today, we make locating your photo scanning equipment rentals simple!

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