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Entry gate security keypad is one facet of a secure storage facilityThere are a number of good reasons why self storage facilities continue to be constructed in the Metro Baltimore area . Self storage units come in many sizes so they appeal to a large market. The demand for them shows no sign of decreasing if you simply judge by the number of self storage rentals that currently exist and those under construction.

Residents and businesses of Greater Baltimore rent self storage to free up cluttered space in overflowing basements or garages; to temporarily house possessions while moving or remodeling, and to store business supplies off site and free up space for more productive use. According to the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, here are thousands of businesses in the Baltimore suburb of Pasadena alone. So it’s no mystery why self storage facilities are being built to serve communities like Pasadena throughout Metro Baltimore.

Not All Self Storage Facilities are Alike

As in any business enterprise, some public self storage providers are more reputable than others. While most facilities are operated in a white hat manner, it pays to check out a prospective self storage business carefully before moving in your personal and/or business belongings.

The following are some important factors to investigate which may help you select a trouble free self storage rental provider.

Security Is Job One

Security is paramount. How is access to the facility regulated? Is there proper fencing surrounding the property? Is the location well lit? Does a manager or staff member live on the grounds?  Ask about surveillance cameras on the property, their locations, and how long surveillance camera footage is kept. In addition, you will likely need a heavy-duty tamper proof lock to protect your stored items. Some self storage businesses offer intrusion alarms for individual units in addition to standard security measures.

Security cameras are an important facet of self storage protection

Remember, there is really no guaranteed protection from acts of God like tornadoes. It’s wise to insure your goods from theft or damage. Many self storage businesses either offer this type of coverage or can recommend an insurer who specializes in this coverage.

Ease of access to your individual unit is an important factor to consider. What are the hours for accessing your unit? Is there adequate room for parking a truck? Make sure you check the distance to get from your vehicle to the rental unit if you are unable to drive up to it. Does the facility offer dollies or hand trucks to help you get your belongings into or out of the rental space? The ability to conveniently and easily move your items in and out of storage should not be overlooked.

Consider Climate Controlled Storage

If your belongings would be harmed by mold, moisture or damage related to humidity or temperature extremes, you will benefit from looking into renting what is known as a climate controlled unit. Not all storage locations provide this type of unit, which is designed to maintain constant safe temperature and humidity levels for fragile or perishable items like furniture and musical instruments, among many others.

What your total costs will be is important. It is wise to get cost estimates from at least three locations if possible. Smarter self storage operations may want to know what you’re planning on storing before offering their estimate. Self storage cost factors to consider include the monthly rental fee, the minimum length period storage is required, space preparation, and additional charges for options like electric, insurance, or pest control. It is wise to have a firm understanding of how fees are to be paid, by what date, and any penalties for late payment.

Get Your Rental Agreement in Writing

Finally, get everything in writing: the size and location of the unit, termination regulations, payment terms, and insurance documents if purchasing renters insurance. Make sure the facility management has several ways to get in touch with you in case there ever is a problem with your unit or your payment.

Residents and business owners in Pasadena, Md who consider these suggestions will be on their way to a hassle free self storage rental experience. At Rent It Today, our goal is to make renting as simple and worry free as possible for everyone from Maryland to California.


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    Everyone wants best possible security for their things. So having a good lock system is the first requirement.