Lights, Camera, Rent!

Set from a Television Show or Movie

Have you ever wished you could be a character in one of your favorite television shows or movies? I personally would give 10 years of my life for a chance to be Adrian in the Rocky sequel. My best friend? One of the extras on Grey’s Anatomy needing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Dr. McDreamy. While it’s obviously not possible to become someone else, what IS a possibility these days is to rent a tv or movie set where one of your beloved actors actually filmed a program or movie. For a mere $400-$9,000 per night, you can rent a location and reenact your favorite scenes, scour for memorabilia, or wipe the area clean hoping to land your most adored celebrity’s hair or skin cells. I was just kidding about that last one….not at all….would totally take a toothbrush to Jude Law’s cottage in The Holiday. Unfortunately, however, renting a set is not an option for all television and movie locations.

Are You A Twilighter?Rent Out Paraty Island from Breaking Dawn

With the popularity of the Twilight series of books and movies, I found it no surprise that one of the locales available for rent is the home where Edward and Bella spent their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn: Part 1. For between $4,000 and $9,000 per night, you and seven of your closest Team Edward gal pals can stay on a private beach in Paraty and carouse in true Wolf Pack style.

Cast of MTV's Real World Key WestDrama in the Keys

Question: What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? Answer: Yet another season of Real World on MTV. If you fantasize about sleeping in the same bedroom where one of Paula’s panic attacks took place during the filming of Real World Key West, all you need is approximately $2,000 and 19 of your closest friends or family. Your own personal drama is optional.

Some other television and movie sets for rent include an apartment used in the filming of Scarface, property in southern Tuscany used in James Bond: Quantum of Solace, and an estate seen in the final episode of Entourage.

BYOB – Be Your Own Boss

If you prefer creating and directing your own flick instead of living vicariously through characters of existing shows, you can rent video equipment and find camera rentals through Rent It Today and do just that! Make your own location famous by using state-of-the-art video cameras, audio equipment, and lighting. Who knows? You might just be the next Steven Spielberg, and people will pay to rent one of your sets!

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  • lauren3

    This is a great, unique idea for a girls weekend away that everyone is sure to remember. Ooohh, or a special surprise for the kids, getting to feel like they are stars in one of their favorite television shows!