Los Angeles Self Storage Facilities Recycling E-Waste

E Waste Drop Off at Self Storage Facilities in Los Angeles, CA

Recycle Your E-Waste at California Extra Space Self Storage Unit Facilities

Earth Day 2012, going Green, and recycling are all parts of an ongoing effort to promote ways to raise awareness of what you can do to help keep your environment healthy and sustainable.

An important facet of protecting the environment is utilizing electronics recycling and proper e-waste disposal, especially computer recycling, according to the EPA. Choosing to recycle electronics versus setting them on the curb on garbage day or throwing them into a dumpster is going Green in a big way.

Drop electronics off at E-waste locations One of the worst options for unwanted electronics is sending them to a landfill. Not only is this practice wasteful, it is also extremely harmful as toxins and chemicals leach into the ground and contaminate the earth and water supply.

Environmentally friendly alternatives to sending outdated or unusable electronics equipment to the landfill are becoming better known. For example, an organization known as Greenspot Dropoff now makes it easier to find a convenient location to take your unwanted computer, tv and related electronics for safe disposal. Best of all, the service is free.

Greenspot Dropoff was started in California in 2009 to promote as well as provide a responsible way to dispose of e-waste. Currently most Greenspot Dropoff locations are in California and Texas. Greenspot’s goal is to establish electronics recycling drop off locations within 10 miles of most population centers.

So what can you take to Greenspot Dropoff? With the exception of appliances, if you can plug it in and it has a circuit board, they can recycle it: televisions, fax machines, oscilloscopes, computer monitors, optical drives, PC boards, DVD players, laptops, VCRs, keyboards, printers, radios, computer mice, and stereo components are all accepted. They’ll also take cables and cords.

Go green by recycling electronics at Extra Space Storage facilitiesOn March 9th, the program received a major boost when Greenspot Dropoff announced a partnership with Extra Space Storage and 48 of their self storage facility locations in California. Extra Space Storage is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and is the second largest self storage unit provider in the United States.

Now businesses and people in areas like Los Angeles county can decide to go green by dropping off their e-waste at Extra Space Storage locations like the Long Beach, CA self storage facility located at 194 E Artesia Blvd, Long Beach, CA. This recycling program will benefit the community not only environmentally, but financially as well. Greenspot and Extra Space Storage will donate one dollar to schools and charitable organizations for each CRT monitor, television, computer, flat screen and laptop dropped off at any participating California self storage unit rental facility.

Regardless of whether you live in the areas currently served by Greenspot Dropoff and their partners like Extra Space, it will benefit you and future generations to recycle your e-waste at a facility or drop off that will dispose of it properly. An online search usually will provide locations in your area. Your earth will love you for it.

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  • Tender

    I enjoyed your post. It was especially educational. Much appreciated. I hope you do not mind me blogging about this article on my own website. Will also be doing a linkback to this. Luv the look and feel of your site!

  • ptbranigan

    Hopefully, this idea will continue to grow their campaign about waste management. Recycling is a simple way we can help to save our planet.


  • Matt Stephenson

    I did not realize the significance of recycle electronics before reading this. I hope Extra Space and GreenSpot work together to expand this program in additional states.

    It makes a lot of sense to have self storage facilities be E-Waste recycling collection stations since people renting storage units are often moving, remodeling, and/or getting organized which often entails getting rid of old computers, monitors, TV’s and outdated electronics. Furthermore people tend to store older electronics thinking they might use them again or because they hate to throw something away that was originally expensive long after they have been replaced by the latest, greatest new gadget. While doing things like reclaiming a junk room, eliminating clutter, and/or following through with ones New Years Resolution to get organized having a free, environmentally friendly place to “throw away” ones old electronics is a win.

  • www.RentItToday.com

    Thanks for the great service you provide! The Rent It Today team learned a lot about the importance of recycling E-Waste and we are happy to help raise awareness. We would like to see if there are opportunities for us to work with GREENspot DROPoff in the future.

  • www.RentItToday.com

    @Extra Space it’s a great program and it makes a lot of sense to do at storage facilities.