Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Rent

Go Green for Earth Day and Rent

Green Earth Day -

Help Earth Day Network Reach One Billion Acts of Green…Rent

With earth day here, you may be looking for examples of how to be green or find a way to help Earth Day Network reach its goal of One Billion Acts of Green. The notion behind going green is to engage in behaviors that reduce the disposal of waste as well as overproduction of items. Green actions can be as simple has turning off the water while brushing your teeth. If you brush for the recommended two minutes, you can save up to eight gallons of water each time you brush. Multiply that by the number of people on earth, and we’re looking at immeasurably extending our water supply.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…RENT

Rent and reduce consumption while reusingAdditional earth-friendly actions that are quite effortless include carpooling, recycling, and turning off lights and electronics when not in use. One of the greenest acts a person can perform is to rent items instead of buying them. When we invest in goods that are only used on occasion, not only is it a misuse of money, but unavoidably we also facilitate waste and overproduction. Simply put, the more you buy or consume, the more you waste. Consequently, THE LESS YOU BUY, THE LESS YOU WASTE. Renting clearly makes sense.

Rent It Today is the most comprehensive online rental resource on the web marketing over 61,000 items for rent. If you are planning a birthday party, you can rent inflatables, tables and chairs, and even drink machines. For the DIY individual, you can borrow everything from tools to heavy construction equipment. When you plan a vacation, by using Rent It Today, you can secure accommodations, baby equipment, beach gear, and recreational items.

These days you can rent just about anything, anywhere! If you want to do your part to help save YOUR earth, consider renting when possible.

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