Holy Flock! You Can Rent Chickens??

Can you really rent a chicken

Renting a Chicken Is Nothing to Cluck At

If you just read that, and thought, “Rent a chicken – what a great idea!,” then you are more cognizant than this chick. If, on the other hand, you are like me and the others I mentioned chicken renting to, then you are thinking something along the lines of, “Whaaaaat? Why the cluck would I need to borrow a chicken for a few days?” Well, I’m here to answer that question.

To my amazement, there are numerous reasons to rent a chicken. The aforementioned Mr. Barraclough rents out his flock for educational purposes. Local schools in the UK borrow chickens from his farm for the duration of a school term. During that time, they learn how to properly care for a chicken. I’m not sure about you, but back in my day, we were given a doll to learn how to care for a baby, and scare us into not getting pregnant at such a young age. I guess the Northamptonshire area has seen an influx in teenage chickening.

You can Rent ChickensMaking a tad bit more sense, Mother Hen, Leslie Suiter, rents out her chickens to natives of rural Traverse City in Michigan for practice in breeding. Based on your experience, you can determine if the bearing of chickens is your calling in life. If not, you simply return the chicks, and go about your un”fowl” existence.

Rentachook appears to have the appropriate business strategy in mind with their trade of chicken rentals. They advertise the chickens as an “environmentally sustainable pet,” and stress the benefits of “fresh, free range eggs at home.” Well, that makes even just a little bit more sense. They also rent live poultry to schools and daycare settings that have a specific lesson or educational objective in mind. On a personal note, one of my past professions includes being a preschool educator, and I admit, I just might have found a benefit in renting a chicken during my Feathered Friends lesson.

So let’s just say this written work of art has convinced you to rent a chicken for one of the purposes mentioned or for a completely different rationale. First, please email me relaying your motivation so I can keep “abreast” of chicken renting. Second, check out Rent It Today’s pet equipment so you are sure to give your chicken the best life before getting smothered in spicy garlic sauce and landing on my dinner plate.

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3 thoughts on “Holy Flock! You Can Rent Chickens??

  • DawnielleFoussard

    Hysterical! I wonder if you can rent Guinea Hens– they eat bugs, like lots of them.  I would totally rent a Guinea Hen.