Undercover and Covered Under a Mobile Storage Container

A recent trip to my favorite local department store had me ready to flash my personally bestowed detective’s badge. When I pulled into the parking lot, I noted a section had been taped off, and was now filled with what looked like oversized tool sheds. What were these rectangular wonders, and what in the world was inside of them? I put my sunglasses on, pulled my ball cap down, and slowly drove closer to inspect the situation, ready to conduct an all night stake out if necessary. One of the items in question was open, so I took a quick peek, as not to draw any bystander attention. To my surprise, it was full of evidence…aka: clothing. Upon my discovery, I was prepared to go inside the store and complete an interrogation. I fastened my trenchcoat, and slowly entered the building, quietly humming “Bad Boys” to myself. It was right about then the puzzle pieces were put together, saving me from what would have probably been a very embarrassing question and answer session. I’ve decided to share my findings to save you similar speculation.

Chino, CA portable storage container rentalThe store was very obviously undergoing renovation. The so-called evidence I had located was actually a portion of the store’s inventory. And what I had observed outside were actually used shipping containers being used as storage units. Further research led me to determine they are specifically called mobile storage units, conex boxes, or portable storage containers. Everything made sense now. By utilizing mobile storage container rentals, the establishment was able to protect their items and keep the inventory onsite, therefore allowing business to continue as usual without having to post any “closed for renovations” signs.

As a lover of knowledge, I immediately went home and began researching these fascinating and ingenious units. It turns out, the portable storage units/mobile storage containers are weather resistant, come in 10’, 20’, and 40’ lengths, are customizable, and can be rented with pick-up/delivery. Renting portable storage containers is the perfect solution for many commercial, retail, or residential storing needs.

If you are in a situation where you need to store items on-site, safely and securely, mobile storage companies have you covered with numerous mobile containers or portable storage unit options available for rent today.

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