Airport Rental Rest Stop Relieves Redeye

Redeye due to Airline travel layovers

Offbeat Rental Report: Airport Rental Rest Stop Relieves Redeye for Travelers

When your airline’s flight status changes from on time to a flight delay, being stranded at the airport can mean finding creative ways to kill time until you’re able to board your jet and resume your trip. It’s just a facet of air travel which buying an airline ticket can entail, be it the cheapest flight or flying first class. Air travel today can also mean long layovers even if your flight itinerary is going as planned.

If your layover turns out to be a long one, enjoying some rest or sleep is a great way to pass the time and reduce stress. However, the quality of shuteye one can get while slumped in a gate seat, curled up in a corner on the floor, or sprawled across an airport bench is questionable at best. And a crowded bustling airport terminal is not the most conducive atmosphere to catch up on reading, email, or other personal and business tasks.

Minute Suites checkin at Atlanta AirportAtlanta-based Minute Suites has a solution. The company is currently constructing private suites for rent at airports in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Dallas-Fort Worth as part of an effort to expand their concept beyond current installations in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Philadelphia International airport. The suites allow travelers a secluded spot within the terminal to catch some shuteye, decompress, or get some work done.

Standard accommodations for your private nook include a comfortable daybed sofa, pillows and fresh blankets. A sound suppression system within the suite neutralizes noise and a specially designed audio program is available to help enable a refreshing powernap. If you feel you might get too comfortable or doze off into a deep slumber, an alarm clock is provided. You may also request a convenient wake-up call.

Minute suites InteriorIf you’d just like to enjoy the solitude and aren’t sleepy, an HDTV in each suite allows you to take in the news, sports, or a preferred program. Your television also converts to a computer with access to the Internet and the airport’s flight tracking system.

And if you have a project that demands your attention, a desk, phone, and office chair are at your disposal. Connect your laptop using airport WiFi or utilize a direct connection port for internet access. If your laptop is in the baggage hold, no worries, you can use the suite’s computer with its variety of browsers and business applications.

These secluded getaways are not overly pricey, nor are they sardine cans. Developers wanted to make the spaces roomy and affordable. According to Minute Suites executives the reaction of early adopters has been extremely positive, and a random check of online reviews seems to reflect this.

So next time you’re stuck at an airport and you’d like to just get away from the hustle and bustle, take a look around and see if rental spaces from Minute Suites are part of the landscape. Of course, as an alternative you might consider the ultimate work around, which is renting a private jet.

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