Rent Push Button Protection for Bears in Yellowstone

Bear Spray is more effective Bear Protection than a Gun

Rent Push Button Protection For Bears in Yellowstone and Other National Parks in Bear Country

Yellowstone National Park is not only one of Americas largest and most beautiful National Parks, it is also one the country’s most visited, typically ranking among the top five in annual guests. Attendance in Yellowstone is expected to exceed 3 million in 2012.

Yet many of these visitors probably don’t take into account the fact that they may have an encounter with a wild animal during their visit, much less a bear. Nevertheless the park is home to a significant population of both black and grizzly bears. Yellowstone is the only region south of Canada that still has a large grizzly bear population. Bears may be seen in Yellowstone March through November.

2011 saw two people killed in bear attacks inside the park. Veteran hikers are aware of the threat and utilize protection in the form of canned bear spray, which has been shown to be more effective than even firearms in protection from bear attacks. In order to educate as well as protect less experienced visitors, a local nonprofit organization has plans to offer rentable bear spray cans in communities adjacent to entrances of Yellowstone National Park.

Bear Spray More Effective Protection Than A Gun and Safer for You and the Bear

Bear Spray Protection RentalsAccording to the Bozeman, Montana Daily Chronicle, representatives of Keystone Conservation are still developing the program, aiming to have rental cans available by mid May. The nonprofit promotes people-predator coexistence.

In a nutshell, local merchants would partner with Keystone Conservation to offer the bear spray. Prior to rental, each can would be tested to make sure it works properly. To keep the program user friendly, customers could rent spray in one location and return it at another. Distributors would weigh the retuned can to verify it was not used, and then rent it out again if it was deemed safe.

According to a Keystone Conservation spokesman, the program goal is to improve public education about the possibility of bear encounters and increase the number of people mentally and physically prepared to deal with them should one occur.

A number of camping and outdoor outfitters currently rent bear spray, including LowerGear Outdoor Rentals and Sales, in areas of the country where bears are known to be prevalent. This program is geared to bring awareness of bear attack prevention to the general public.

Now, if only a spray could be developed to ward off the bears of Wall Street.

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