Rent It Today and Clifford The Big Red Dog Love to Read

Rent It Today and Clifford The Big Red Dog Visit Children in Montesori School

Rent It Today and Clifford The Big Red Dog Visit and Give Books to Children at a Local Montessori School

Rent It Today loves the rental world and all it entails. So when the company recently had an opportunity to rent a tail, it was a no brainer. The tail was part of a costume of Clifford the Big Red Dog, star of the PBS animated cartoon series based on the famous children’s books of the same name by Norman Bridwell.

Rent It Today employee Joe Bricking wore the costume when he and Matt Stephenson visited the Children, Inc. Montessori Early Learning Academy in Covington, Ky on March 8th to hand out Clifford books as part of a youth reading initiative. All the kids were amazed to have Clifford visit their classroom, and were delighted when he handed them their very own copy of one of his books.

Rent It Today enjoys opportunities to get involved in the local community. Being a startup company means we have developed from an entrepreneurial idea to fill a need which is not being sufficiently met in the marketplace. Recognizing a need and developing the means to address it is a natural interest of entrepreneurs and the cornerstone of entrepreneurial enterprise.

In much the same way, the concept of Montessori education developed from an idea that the marketplace was ready for an educational model designed to help children reach their fullest potential at their own unique pace.

So when the opportunity recently arose for Rent It Today to assist a local Montessori school with a donation of children’s books, the fit came quite naturally.

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Montessori Early Learning Academy is proud of its recognition as a 3 STAR rated and nationally accredited child development center, one of only three in northern Kentucky. Located in Northern Kentucky-Cincinnati area of Covington, Children, Inc.’s Montessori Early Learning Academy has Montessori classrooms for children starting at age two and offers a full-day kindergarten program.

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3 thoughts on “Rent It Today and Clifford The Big Red Dog Love to Read

  • Matthew Stephenson

    Thanks to Joey Bricking for dressing up as Clifford and Children Inc. for letting Rent It Today be a part of a wonderful event.


    You can visit Children’s Inc on Facebook at