5 Ways Portable Air Conditioning Improves Industrial Environments

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Five Benefits of Portable Cooling for Commercial and Industrial Work Environments

High temperatures, heat, and humidity in a factory or industrial setting can dramatically affect the productivity and efficiency of your employee work force.  The source can be seasonal climate, industrial processes, equipment failure, or a combination of these and other factors. Portable air conditioner rentals are used for temporary spot cooling and also offer long-term mobile cooling solutions.

Here are five applications where the use of portable air conditioning, spot coolers, and mobile cooling equipment rental can increase the comfort of a work environment and allow your associates to be more efficient:

1.    Increase Productivity by Providing Cool Work Stations.  It’s a fact: heat is exhausting to workers and they are less productive when operating in hot and humid conditions. Mobile air conditioner rentals allow companies to provide cool air directly for their personnel and work areas.
2.    Temporarily Cool an Area.  Some places in a factory or commercial building are either designed to be very warm or are by their nature extremely hot. When it’s time for workers to do maintenance or temporarily work in such an environment, mobile cooling equipment allows them to work comfortably. Another application is directing cooled air onto an assembly line so that a heated part can be handled more quickly.
3.    Create a Cool “Oasis.” Creating an air conditioned room where employees can go to recharge and get a reprieve from a warm working station builds morale, and allows a chance to really relax and decompress.
4.    Electronics and Computer Server Room Cooling. Electronics which are an integral part of control rooms and computer server rooms requires cooling to not only protect the equipment, but to optimize its operating efficiency and extend its lifespan.
5.    Increase Employee Morale and Company Loyalty: Supplying comfortable cool air to otherwise uncomfortable work environments is a win-win proposition. Not only are employees more productive, they are glad that company management understands the comfort of their work station is important.

In a commercial or industrial setting, cooling is best facilitated with a focused, targeted mindset. Unlike cooling a home, you’re cooling a specific person, area or manufactured part. Keeping this in mind will help your business adapt to summer heat and humidity changes with increased efficiency.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways Portable Air Conditioning Improves Industrial Environments

  • mackenzie27

    That is great. My husband just turned our garage into a man cave and it is so hot in there that he wouldn’t even go in there. I bought him a small mobile air conditioner and you wouldn’t believe how much cooler it is in there. Now he can go back to the garage and I can have my house back!

  • Robert Daniels

    If you’ve ever worked in a hot stuffy environment, you know what a benefit this is.