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Volvo L35B Compact Wheel Loader Safety and Maintenance

Whether its ink-less, crusty dry erase markers in an office or construction equipment with a completely empty fuel tank, nothing can make a job an annoying slog like poorly maintained tools. Not only does it hurt productivity, but in the case of construction, can actually be a huge security problem. Thankfully, high quality construction equipment from an equipment rental source is built with this in mind, which makes maintenance a breeze. Heavy equipment machines like wheel loaders are rented often and used for a variety of job site applications in rugged environments. The Volvo L35B compact wheel loader is an example of this – it absolutely needs regular maintenance like any piece of construction equipment rental does, but it’s built in such a way as to make that maintenance as easy to perform as possible.

Rather than squish and cram the machinery inside the engine compartment wherever it will fit, Volvo has taken care to position all the serviceable elements of the engine in easy reach. The most drastic (and undeniably coolest) feat of engineering for the sake of convenience is that the L35B loader’s engine is actually set on its side inside the engine compartment, which makes it much easier to work on. As a result, all the filters are right out in front as opposed to crammed up under the engine. This enables one to swap out filters without having to crawl on the ground and inevitably end up covered in motor oil. What’s more, all fluids are located within reach too. The diesel fuel reservoir, engine oil, and other essential fluids are all extremely easy to check and adjust, which ensures the equipment will always perform at top efficiency.

Of course, maintenance is only one aspect of proper heavy equipment rental use. The Volvo L35B compact loader also has a number of smart safety features to ensure the correct operation of the equipment in all situations. The equipment provides basic necessities like running lights that illuminate the work area in low-light conditions. A particularly innovative feature in the L35B wheel loader is a large pin that can lock the articulating hinge in the middle between the two wheel axles. I’m not in a rush to have a hand or a piece of clothing caught in that monster hinge, so that lock is fantastic for peace of mind while servicing the machine, or using it in a situation that doesn’t necessitate the articulation. Another great design decision by Volvo was to move the boom down in between the wheels. That means you’d have to go out of your way to come in contact with it during operation, and if you do that, you really have no one to blame but yourself for what happens.

From maintenance to operating safety, Volvo has developed a number of innovative features that make the L35B compact wheel loader rental an efficient piece of equipment. Connect with +Volvo Construction Equipment and +BlueLine Rental on Google.

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