Guest post by Bonnie Louis of Perry Real Estate College

What is Zillow? Whether you are a new agent or an old pro, both rookies and seasoned
vets love new leads. Leads lead to closed deals. As a new person in the real estate
industry who is essentially just launching their own brand, leads can be a little more
challenging. Realtors who have been in the business for several years rely heavily on
referrals. If a past client has a good experience, they tell their friends. Those friends
may tell their friends and so on, and so on. When starting out, an option available to
you is to pay for leads. When on a tight budget, this can sound like it would be
impossible to do. However, many agents including myself have found great success
with Zillow paid leads. Here are a few key points to consider when deciding if paying for
leads would work for you.

There is an initial investment and a contract involved. You know the old adage,
“it takes money to make money.” The world of real estate is no exception. You
paid for real estate school and invested in yourself. You belong to your local
MLS to have inside information and access to the homes you sell. You may
have even bought some red-bottomed shoes or a designer suit to fit the part and
be confident when you meet new clients. Paying for Zillow leads is an extension
of the aforementioned. These leads that you build in your first year or 2 in
business are quite likely to result in the same sort of referral network that you see
the established agents in the office possess. If you grow your business with
Zillow, you have the opportunity to reap what you sow in the future.

Zillow charges by zip code and for what portion of that zip code you would like to
receive leads in. This all goes back to farming. If there is a certain area of town
you wish to focus on, inquire about being one of the premier agents in that zip
code. You should always concentrate on to continue reading please click here.

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