How To Get Into Real Estate

First of all, what is real estate? It’s the legal buying and selling of property. But you are probably wondering if you should get your real estate license. I get it. I was in the same position two years ago trying to figure out what real estate school was going to work for me. The first thing I did was figure out how much real estate agents typically make. What is a realtor’s salary? I found out that it is truly based on where you live and the median price for houses. Real estate is commission based so it ranges. Next, I found an agent in my area and asked if I could shadow them to see their typical day. You should ask around to find a connection or go to LinkedIn and message local realtors in your area. Find a common ground with your new connection and offer to buy them a cup of coffee. They will help answer some of these questions. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of realtors that you can lean on when you don’t know what to do. This business is all about building and maintaining relationships.

What should you expect in your first year? Real estate is often what people think of when they want to make extra money or a side hustle. It’s a great job for someone who loves seeing houses and loves working with new people. You will want to consider if you have the time and the resources to get licensed. We offer courses in pre-licensing, broker, and continued education. We offer pre-licensing in three states including Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina (and Oklahoma starting in April of 2021). While it varies by state, most real estate agents work under the supervision of a broker. Real estate brokers offer please click here to continue.

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