Florida Marina Promotes Boat Rental as Remedy for Coronavirus Blues

Salty Sam’s Marina in Ft Myers Beach, FL Says:

‘Get Out On The Water’

American’s are known for responding to challenges with novel ideas and Salty Sam’s Marina, located in Ft. Myers Beach, FL. has responded to the Coronavirus with one of their own: Rent a boat and get out on the water.

Salty Sam’s offers a variety of watercraft rentals, from kayaks and pontoon boats to catamarans and power boats. And to encourage boaters to enjoy the waters of Southwest Florida, they are currently offering full day rentals at half day rates, according to their website.

They are also limiting capacity to allow the boat occupants to maintain a safe space between them while enjoying the water and sunshine.

One local tourism industry adjusting to life during the coronavirus pandemic is the boat rental business.
Salty Sam’s Marina near Fort Myers Beach has been offering sales to encourage people to get out on the water.
They’ve also been taking extra precautions, cleaning and disinfecting the boats.
Not only are the people we talked to comfortable renting the boats, but staff say they’re hearing from a lot of people who to continue please click here.

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