Busting the Perception Disabilities Are Fixed, Static, or Permanent

Raising awareness and mindfulness of the changing nature of some disabilities is the goal of Halifax disability advocates

Disability Medical Equipment Rentals

April Hubbard parked her car in an accessible parking spot at Dalhousie University. She hung her accessible parking permit, and walked around the back to pull out her wheelchair. But before she could do that, a stranger emerged from a nearby building — running, shouting, and ready to lash out.

“He got pretty nasty with me, confronting me,” Hubbard says.

“I pointed to the accessible permit, I tried to have a conversation with him, but he just wasn’t willing to hear it. And yeah, he got really, really upset, to the point that I just had to get the chair out and wheel away.”

Hubbard, 34, has a tethered spinal cord. It’s a deteriorative condition, and she is gradually losing the use of her leg. She started off using forearm crutches but now uses a wheelchair most of the time.

That incident in the parking lot was 10 years ago, but Hubbard says when she gets out of her wheelchair, she is still often met with anger and click here to continue.

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