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Get Your New Year Off to a Memorable Start With US Casino

There’s more to planning a holiday casino event than just calling up a rental company and reserving tables and chairs. Casino party planning entails taking into account important parameters that many novices tend to overlook or underestimate.

Casino Event Planning and Equipment Rentals for New Year's Eve

US Casino, a very experienced casino event planner based in Chicago and serving 15 states, shares the following helpful tips to consider before contacting them for casino party event planning or casino equipment rental services.

What is the estimated attendance? – While our focus here is on New Year’s Eve, casino parties can be held for fundraisers, public relations events, trade shows, and corporate gatherings. Each setting will require a different approach, as all have unique requirements. The number of guests tends to vary greatly for each type of event, so having an accurate estimate is important for approximating the equipment and staff needed.

What is the desired atmosphere? – Depending on the reason for the party, as the host you want to assure your guests have a memorable time. Is this going to be a business affair? Is it going to be dressy and formal? Of is it more of an informal come as you are atmosphere? US Casinos offers many casino themes if you want to host a themed casino party. For example, a Monte Carlo night. They can arrange music and dance floors as well, which your guests will love as they ring in the new year.

Provisions – Like all parties, casino events are enhanced by outstanding food and beverage choices. Consider the party duration and the number of invitations issued to attendees before planning catering services.

Proper Accents & Equipment – Appropriate decorations such as flowers, banners and lighting create a memorable impression for event participants. Will a shuttle bus be required if parking is not close by? Proper table and chair rentals are essential. How about a photo booth?

Chicago Casino Event Rentals and Party Planning

For more information on hosting a New Year’s Eve casino event, or for any occasion, please visit US Casino’s website by clicking here or simply call (312) 771-9612 to discuss your options.

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