CADD Prizm Maintenance from Infusystem

CADD Prizm Infusion Pump Maintenance

Infusystem Keeps Your Infusion Pumps in Optimal Working Condition

Infusystem is your go-to source for Smith’s Medical CADD Prizm Infusion Pump repair, service and maintenance. 

The importance of an infusion pump operating at its optimal level cannot be understated. After periods of use, an infusion pump can decline in performance or simply stop working altogether.

Infusystem’s team of certified technicians is qualified to service over 70 infusion pump models.

InfuSystem’s service facilities are ISO certified. Each pump goes through a validated multi-point inspection, and pump recertification verifies pump accuracy and operation.

Medical Facilities Count On Infusystem

Medical service providers including hospitals, physician offices, outpatient surgery centers, and emergency service vehicles count on Infusystem as a trusted partner in ensuring their CADD Prizm infusion pumps from Smith’s Medical continue to perform at peak levels, or are brought back to optimal condition should an unexpected compromise in performance occur.

Infusystem enables your medical facility to develop a regular preventative maintenance schedule for your CADD Prizm Infusion Pumps, reducing your liability, avoiding downtime and lowering out-of-pocket costs.

PumpPortal Assures Your Compliance

Infusustem provides easy documentation of compliance with inspections by creating and delivering a complete record of your pumps service via the InfuSystem online PumpPortal, meeting all accreditation guidelines.

InfuSystem employs an expert biomedical technician team dedicated to equipment repair and refurbishment.

All repair work is under warranty for a full 90 days from the date of service.

To learn more contact Infusystem via their website, or call (800) 658-5582

Infusystem also rents infusion pumps. Visit their company at Rent It Today by clicking here.

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