Infusystem Introduces Infusystem Mobile

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Home Infusion Therapy Patients Can Now Utilize a Mobile App on Their Smartphone. Help is a Touch Away.

Infusystem is a medical company that works with clinics and practitioners nationwide to provide infusion pumps, supplies and support needed, so the care providers can allow their patients to return to the comfort of their homes safely with their infusion needs.

Medical professionals realize it can be somewhat concerning or even a little scary to go home with an infusion pump. This is why many practitioners trust Infusystem with the care of their patients because Infusystem offers a staff of nurses available day or night who specialize in infusion pump therapy should any questions arise once the patient returns home.

Infusystem is proud to now offer Infusystem Mobile, a patient-friendly tool to support those returning home to continue their infusion therapy. This mobile app is full of information specific to the infusion protocol prescribed for the patient, as well as the specific infusion pump.

The mobile app includes answers to frequently asked questions, videos, and instructions on what steps to take if a patient encounters a pump alarm. The app is also designed to allow information provided by the nursing staff at the patient’s clinic which they feel is important for the user to have.

Most importantly, the app allows the user to quickly and easily contact the nursing staff at Infusystem by pressing the Nursing Hotline button to address any questions or concerns which may arise regarding any aspect of the infusion.

For further information, click here to visit Infusystem’s web site describing the app.

Or click this link for information on renting an Infusystem Infusion Pump.

You can also visit Infusystem’s Corporate Page at Rent it Today!

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